Print on canvas
Victor Zaretsky, Kyiv, Ukraine

170x192, canvas, oil, mixed technique

This is the only painting Victor Zaretsky ever did on this subject.

V. Zaretsky (1925-1990)is a representative of the artistic trend of "shestydesiatnyky"
(artists whocreated in the period of sixties last century). This was one of the most
significantartistic trends of the Ukrainian art school in the XX century. He wasa bright
color expert, refined painter, master of psychological portrait and genre painting.
His creative work absorbed the traditions of Ukrainian folk art, European modernism,
Ukrainian iconography, impressionism and expressionism.

The artworks by Victor Zaretsky were presented at the Christie's auction.

Print on canvas (close to original size)is available at the price US $161,00 plus postage.
The print will be rolled and mailed in a tube.

The received funds will be used for publishing the album "Holodomor Through the Eyes of
Ukrainian Artists"

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