A new name in Ukrainian ceramics

here are quite a few young masters in Ukrainian ceramics. Many of them work in traditional folk
  ceramic centers such as Kosiv, Opishne, Myrhorod, etc. These masters are mainly from the
  famous pottery families whose fathers and grandfathers were involved in ceramics. They passed
  their skills from generation to generation. 
  But there are also new names in ceramic art. Every year young arists-ceramists graduate from
  art schools and institutes. Among them is Ivan Bobkov, a graduate of Kyiv State Decorative
  and Applied Arts Institute. He dedicated his life to ceramics. 
  It's not an easy work. There are a lot of problems in modern ceramics. Because of difficult life,
  talented young artists turn out to be far from real art. Only few of them follow and develop the
  best traditions of the past.
  Ivan Bobkov is one of them. Since 2001 he has been teaching at T. Shevchenko State Art
  School and at the same time create beautiful ceramic pieces. He participated in many exhibitions
  all over Ukraine. In 2002 he became a member of the Ukrainian National Artists' Union and a
  member of National Union of Folk Artists.
  It is impressive how skillful is the artist in preserving folk traditions. At the same time he does not
  copy them but creatively transform them and use in his own artworks.
  Ivan is very good at decorative sculpture which is traditional for Ukrainian ceramics. He uses a lot
  of small details in his artworks. It is very obvious that the artist makes his sculptures with love.
  Dozens small details on one basic image tells about his rich fantasy.
 Also, Ivan likes to make plates. And though many artists are good in making plates, Ivan Bobkov
has his own creative style. He is very professional in choosing glaze: its color and quality. 
One cannot help enjoying the rich green on his plates or deep blue of his candlesticks.

 We wish the young artist to go his own creative road and to make people happy with his artworks.

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November 6, 2009

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