Set of 45 students' posters
These are thebest postersselected froma three year program ending in 2008, the year of the 75th commemoration of the Holodomor.

Title page: Sheaf of the USSR
by Tarasova Iryna, 2008
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1933 Silent Disaster in the Yard
by Julia Kunshchykova, 2006
My Ukraine!For What Are You

by Olena Kozak, 2006
Our Land Turned Into Grave...
by George Pryzant, 2006
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Requiem 1933
by Oleksandra Hodiayeva, 2006
. .Did Not Make GravesFor
Them, Did Not Ring the Bells..
by Anastasiya Piatak, 2006
That Horror Must Not Come Back...
by Iryna Yantso, 2006
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In Our Glorious Ukraine...
On Our - Not Our Private Land

by Arianna Lazareva, 2006
Hundreds Hectares of Death
by Olha Kurchiy, 2006
Whose Blood WateredThat

by Dmytro Stadnychenko, 2006
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My Dear Harmless Land!
Whythe Lord Punishes You...

by Kateryna Uglova, 2006
My People, Martyred, Broken...
by Svitlana Baran, 2006
Nobody Is Left. Only Memory...
by Ksenia Rovzina, 2006
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What Life Brought...
by Svitlana Boldyreva, 2006
Holodomor - Awkward Subject
for Russian Authorities

by Maria Khmelnytska, 2006
The Nation Is AlreadyOne
Entire Wound...

by Iryna Rud'-Volha, 2006
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The Wound That Cannot Heal
by Kim Ko Eun, 2006
Where Is the Truth?
Olena Hlushych, 2006
Bilshovyk Hurricane 1933
by Li Tszian Fan, 2006
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Oh, Mother Didn't Feed Her Kids
by Yuri Antonov, 2006
Rich Harvest 1933!
by Olha Nepravda, 2006
Communists Still Have Not
Recognized Holodomor

by Olha Nepravda, 2007
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The Hell On Land
and Hellish Outcry!...

by Natalia Yaroshenko, 2007
Eternal Sorrow
by Olha Omelianchuk, 2007
You Found Happiness in
the Soviet Union!

by Victoria Martyniuk, 2007
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Until Our Memory Is Alive
by Julia Liaskovska, 2007
Oh, Woe of My Native Country!
by Yana Filkovska, 2007
Who Prepared This Bloody
Time for You?

by Maria Khmelnytska, 2007
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Human Life Turned
into Dust

by Olha Bandura, 2007

by Oleksandra Buriakova, 2007
On the Vast Territory of
Wonderful Motherland!

by Natalia Nefiodova, 2007
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That Calamity Was All Over

by Julia Kunshchykova, 2007
1932-1933To the Dead,
the Living,and the Unborn

by Olha Kurchiy, 2007
Candle to Cradle-song 1932-33
by Svitlana Lobanova, 2007
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Holodomor in Ukraine is
a Crime Against Humanity

by Shyma Nor Mohammadi, 2007
Hammer and Sickle 33
by Maria Smirnova, 2007
Millionsof Faiths Are Buried in
Black Earth........

by Olena Nikulina, 2007
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Swept Away with Deadly Storm
by Kostiantyn Martsenkivsky
Silence of Grief and Sorrow
by Anastasia Piatak, 2007
Where Are You Now,
the Slaughterers of My People?

by Svitlana Mikheyenko, 2008
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People Will Not Forget Even
in Thousand Years

by Olha Bondarenko, 2008
Generous Land Gave Birth to
the Bloody Year of 33

by Olena Korsun, 2008
Because They Had Their Own Bread
by Kateryna Goltseva, 2008
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My Untilled, Unsown Field,
Where Is Your Tillers?

by Anastasia Sochivets, 2008
Oh, Bitter Memories About Those
Brutal Years Without Bread...

by Victoria Koroyid, 2008
by Olena Nikulina, 2008
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They Didn"t Know They Would
Dieby the Satan's Order

by Olena Kozak, 2008
Those Grapes of Pain That
Reach the Depth

by Ruslana Nedashkivska, 2008
Were Fighting With Butchers,
Were Living and Dying...

by Natalia Ostapenko, 2008
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