2010-1997  Twenty seven issues

No 1-4, 2011                                                                                         TABLE OF CONTENTS
              Family, 1993
       by Marfa Tymchenko
         oil on cardboard

        The issue is dedicated to the 20th anniversary of the Union of Folk Artist of Ukraine

        The isuue covers the history of the Union of Artists, shows the photos of the most
        interesting events and  exhibitions, introduces the famous folk masters and their

        Also, there is a big article about the annual Smithonian Folk Festival

No.3-4, 2009/1-2, 2010 
                                                                   TABLE OF CONTENTS
   Bohdan Khmelnytsky,
     Hetman of Ukraine
     by Wilhelm Gondius

Page 48........ Bohdan Khmelnytsky - by V.Vechersky; the article features the personality of
                            the most famous Hetman of Ukraine
  Page 78........ Dmytro Yavornitsky's book "Zaporizhia in Antique Remnants and People's Legends" as
                           a remarkable monument of Ukrainian history and culture
  Page 84........ Mykola Makarenko. Zelous researcher and corageous defender of art values
  Page 88........ Comprehension of Ukrainian Style - by Vasyl  Krychevsky; the article of the famous artist
                           about Ukrainian style in architecture written in 1919.
  Page 98........ Architectural memos related to Dmytry Rostovsky's activity in Ukraine - by V. Vechersky;
                           the article researches architectural constructions related to Dmytry Rostovsky
  Page 118....... Icons of the Cossack Epoch - by O. Sydor, PhD in Art Critics; the article focuses on
                            icon painting during the Cossack epoch
  Page 128....... The Art of "Cossack Freedom" - by L.Yatsenko; the article focuses on peculiarities of
                           Cossacks icon painting
  Page 168....... Treasures From the Apostol's Crypt - by L. Rozsokha; the article touches upon the issue
                           of Hetman Danylo Apostol and the members of his family burial place in the village of
                           Velyki Sorochyntsi - a former location of the Hetman's residence.
  Page 180....... Revival of Baturyn - by L.Lynjuk; the article tells about the revival of the former capital
                           of Ukrainian Cossack state for 50 years.
  Page 184....... Restoration of the Holy Shrine in Chyhyryn - by Ol. Brel; about the unique piece of
                           architecture of the late medieval period - St. Peter & Paul church in Chyhyryn

  No. 1-2, 2009                                                                       TABLE OF CONTENTS       
        Portrait of Anton Shtepa
         by Petro Hanzha
         1998, oil on paper
  Page 4........ "Klembivsky Phenomenon" - by Ivan Volosheniuk; an exciting review of creative
                          work of this year laureate of the National T. Shevchenko Prize Viktor Nakonechny 
  Page 6........ "Creator of a Flower Space" - by Vitaliy Starchenko; the article about Hanna
                          Samarska, a student and follower of Kateryna Bilokur
  Page 10....... "Easter Customs" - by Zoya Stashuk; about all-Ukrainian Easter traditional festival 
                          "Ukrainian Pysanka"
  Page 14....... "A Museum Worker from Kolomya" - Kolomyja Folk Art Museum of Hutsul and
                           Pokuttya region named after Iosafat Kobrynsky was founded in 1926
  Page 18....... "Handicraft Department at the 1910 Exhibition in Katerynoslav" - It was a great for
                           that time southern-Russian agricultural, industrial and handicraft exhibition
  Page 22....... "Memorial Plastics of Ternopil Region" - by Oleh Sydor; about the graveyard in the
                           Old City in the outskirts of Pidgaytsi village as a rare historic monument
  Page 28....... "Heiress of the Weaving Veres Family" - Valentyna Veres' weaving art attracts the
                           viewers' attention everywhere
  Page 32....... "Mykhailo Onatsko's Chumak Road" - For many years Mykhailo Onatsko from the
                          village Shyshaky, Poltava region, has been working in painting
  Page 38....... "Podillia Pottery Center" - The article tells about unique pottery center in Podillia
                           area - Mynkivtsi
  Page 46....... "Petro Hanzha" - A famous Ukrainian artist Petro Hanzha celebrates his 70s

No. 3-4, 2008                                                          TABLE OF CONTENTS

        Easter Sunday (fragment)
          by Victor Nakonechny
           1999, oil on board
  Page 4........ "For Long Memories to Andriy" - by Andriy Pushkariov, an artist from
                          Dnipropetrovsk, who shares his memories about his visit to Maria Prymachenko  
  Page 10....... "Brothers Vadym and Danylo Shcherbakivsky" the article is dedicated to the
                          memory of the devoted knights of Ukrainian culture
  Page 13....... "Chyhyryn - 2008" - From July 1 to 21, 2008 the historical place of Chyhyryn
                          hosts the participants of the 6th All-Ukrainian Youth Pottery Symposium
  Page 16....... "Subotiv - 2008" - Two weeks of intensive simposium work proved to be very
                          efficient and the masters' competition was very tough
  Page 20....... "Zherve" - the word for describing a handsome and brace fellow which is used in
                          slang in Oleshnia, Chernihiv region
  Page 24....... "Three Grants. Bobkov, Kamenetsky, Todorchuk" - by Yevhen Shevchenko, Head
                          of the Union of Artists, he tells about three young folk art masters
  Page 28....... "Ukrainian Painted Bowl" - Olena Klymenko dedicates her article to the analyses of
                          the main element of Ukrianian country house ensemble.
  Page 34....... "Draw Your Flower" - is a narration of Ihor Poshyvailo, the Honorable Master of
                          Arts, about a folk master of decorative painting 
  Page 42....... "Synthetic Variety of Vasyl Korchynsky's Creativity" - Art critic Hryhoriy Mishchenko
                          thinks that vytynanka for Vasyl Korchynsky is reflection of his outlok
  Page 46....... "Anatoliy Baida" - is a young master who finished the art school named after
                          T.Shevchenko and then Kyiv university of decorative and applied art 
  Page 50....... "School of Decorative Painting" - Liudmyla Reshetniak, a teacher

 No. 1-2, 2008                                                                 
       Maria Prymachenko
      Ukrainian Dancers (fragment)
       1962, oil on canvas

  Page 4........ "Maria Oksentiyivna (Prymachenko) Revelations and Mysteries" - Next year we'll
                         celebrate a centenary of Maria Prymachenko's birthday
  Page 10...... "A Bee on a Sun-flower, a Cuckoo on a Snow-ball tree" - Oleksandr Nayden, PhD in
                         Art, researches Maria Prymachenko's paintings
  Page 14....... "How Masterpieces are Made" - Volodymy Priadko, People's artist of Ukriane, tells
                          about the history of a unique artwork  "The Rushnyk of National Unity"
  Page 18....... "He Built the Way to Art Experts" - Narration of Petro Nesterenko, PHD in Art,
                          about a respectful Ukrainian expert in art Konstiantyn Shyrotskiy
  Page 19....... "Serhiy Kolos' Dramatic Collisions" - Vasyl Shcherbak, PHD in Art, writes about this
                           famous figure in Ukrianian culture
  Page 22....... "What is Brokarivka Embroidery?" - Liudmyla Billous, deputy director in scientific
                           work of the Ukrianian Folk Decorative Art Museum answers this question
  Page 26....... "Yevhen Postupailo's Phenomenon" - Volodymyr Tytarenko, expert in Art, writes
                           that the modern Ukrainian pottery is based on the ancient ethnic folk tradition
  Page 30....... "Vytynanky Festival in Mohylev-Podilsky" - On May 31, 2008 the closing of the IV
                           All-Ukrianian Symposium of Vytynanky masters took place in Mohylev-Podilsky
  Page 33....... "The Siverska Land is Famous for its Masters" - The exhibition of folk carving
                            masters was held in the Siversk area
  Page 42....... "Who, If Not We?" - Dmytro Shynkarenko, the art expert, asks who will keep the
                           ceramics traditions
  Page 46....... "Mykola Shkribliak, a Carver" - Valentyna Molyn, an art expert from Kosiv


No.3-4, 2007                                     
        Typical Cossack
   by Vasyl Slobodyaniuk
        2007, oil on canvas
                                      TABLE OF CONTENTS

   Page 4........ "The 10th Anniversary of Folk Art Magazine" - The magazine has received a
                            number of congratulations from its admirers on its 10th anniversary
  Page 8........ "Conversation with Yevhen Shevchenko, the Head of the Folk Artists Union" -
                           Yevhen Shevchenko shares his impressions on the Folk Art Union congress
  Page 12....... "Hanna Sobachko-Shostak" - A story told by an art expert Olena Shestakova about
                           extraordinary talent of Ukrainian artist and her unique works 
  Page 19....... "The Bird's Smile" - Journalist Valeriy Yasynovsky tells about the Carpathian
                            wonderful woodcarving by Vasyl Sidak
  Page 24....... "Land and Fire Inflorecence" - It is Volodymyr Zhuravel's exciting narration about
                            Ukrainian Youth pottery symposium
  Page 28....... "The Teacher's Life" - The Ukrainian weaving art patriarch Serhiy Nechyporenko
                           celebrated his 85th birthday
  Page 30....... "Mythological Ground of Fine Arts" - Ethnologist Ihor Poshyvailo continues his
                          research on the mythology of folk creative activity
  Page 35....... "Porohy - 2007" - About the symposium of the stonecarving artists
  Page 38....... "Hutsul Cooperage Trade" - About people's occupation in the village of Verhovyna
  Page 44....... "The Carpathian Festival" - It is a folk art festival that took place on September 8,
                           in Ivano-Frankivsk
  Page 46....... "Subotiv - 2007" - About the all-ukrainian symposium of the folk art artists in Subotiv
  Page 68....... "And We, My Darling, are in Love!" - by Tetiana Poshyvailo, an expert in ethnic art

No.1-2, 2007                                                                             
       Bowls from Eastern Podillia
  Page 4......... "Famous Marfa Tymchenko" - People's artist of Ukraine, laureate of the Kateryna
                           Bilokur Award and Taras Shevchenko Prize, member of the Union of Artists
  Page 10........ "Mythic and Poetic Image of Folk Master" - Ihor Poshyvailo, an ethnologist, invites
                            the readers to peep behind the back side of the visible image of an artist
  Page 14........ "Painting of Viktor Nakonechny" - Viktor Nakonechny's personality as an artist was
                             formed in the art environment of Podillia area
  Page 19........ "Bowls and Those Who Make Them" - In the beginning of the millenium Ukrainian
                            people face a long-waited period of spiritual revival
  Page 22........ "Kitsch as a Consequence of Globalization" - Art critic Hryhoriy Mishchenko thinks
                            that anti-culture and kitsch is a consequence of globalization
  Page 24........ "Endless" - Valery Yasynovsky gave this name to his narration about Vasylyna
                            Sumariak - pysanky artist who inherited her talent from her mother
  Page 28........ "A Hall in Athens" - Carpet artist Oleksandr Babenko tells the readers about the
                            creation of a tapestry hall in Ukrainian Culture and Business center in Athens
  Page 30........ "Endless Artistic Fantasies of Stepan Hanzha" -  The jubilee carpet exhibition of
                            this talented artist was a part of Easter pysanka exhibition
  Page 32........ "Traditions and Innovations in Trans-Carpathian Art" - Professor Bohdan Tymkiv
                            examines the life and creative activity of the famous carver Dmytro Syvak
  Page 36........ "Wood Carver Oleksandr Oleshko" - Mykhailo Hnatiuk, PhD in Art, tells about the
                            creative activity of this talented artist from Poltava


No.3-4, 2006                                                                                  TABLE OF CONTENTS
        Carpet "Wonder Bloom"
        by Nadia Babenko

  Page 4........"I'd CoverAll My Native Ukraine with Carpets" - by Vasyl Shcherbak; Nadia Babenko's
                         talent was so highly recognized that she was entrusted to make a carpet for UN 
  Page 8........"Reviving of folk Art of Making Toys" - by Yevhen Shevchenko, analysis of this
                         highly spiritual traditional cultural trend
  Page 12....... "Remember Citizens of Baturin" - by Rada Mykhailova; about the folk art and
                          decorative painting exhibition dedicated to the heroes of the Hetman Era
  Page 14....... "Yevheniya Henyk from Bereziv Village" - by Mykola Symchych; about a famous
                           embroideress who has just marked her 80s jubilee
  Page 17....... "Busha-Porohy - 2006" - by Volodymyr Tytarenko; a report on the symposium on
                          stone-carving art which took place on Ukraine's southeastern border
  Page 27...... "Turning into a Flower" - by Natalia Staruk; a view on Hanna Samarska, a wonderful
                          rural artist from Kyiv region, a follower of Kateryna Bilokur 
   Page 34....... "Bratyna" - by Valeriy Yanovsky; the information about the first Ukrainian
                          symposium on woodcarving
  Page 45....... "Chyhyryn - 2006" - by Valeriy Yasnovsky; about the fourth all-Ukrainian pottery
                           art youth festival 
  Page 62....... "Mariana Kovbasniuk Pysanka's Magic" - by Vasyl Kavatsiuk; about the master from
                           Pokuttia whose tiny masterpieces are displayed in many museums of Ukraine
  Page 76........ "Rakhiv - 2005" - by Iryna Sviontek, a photo report from the latest festival which
                            is often called "eternal"


No. 1-2, 2006                                                                                TABLE OF CONTENTS
        Tetiana Pushkaryova
          Family (fragment)
        2000, paper, watercolor
  Page 4........" Eminent Guest at the Opening Day" - by Mykola Makarchuk; about the President of
                          Ukraine Viktor Yushchenko's visit to the Folk Art exhibition 
  Page 8........" The Christmas Wonder" - by Ihor Poshyvailo; about the exhibition "Christmas:
                           Colors and Melodies of Ukrainian Holiday", which was held in Kyiv
  Page 10....... "Patterns from Poltava Region" - by Tetiana Koval; The story of Leonid Tovstukha,
                           a folk art master who also worked as Director of the Reshetyliv tapestry factory
  Page 14....... "Weaving Rushnyk" - by Yevhen Shevchenko; notes from the exhibition of
                            traditional Ukrainian weaving rushnyk
  Page 21....... "Till the Sun Rises" - by Dmytro Shynkarenko; the article by one of the participants
                           of the 2005 Ceramic Symposium in Chyhyryn, which becomes international
  Page 25....... "VELES - 2005" - by Ihor Bilevych; the Carvers' festival is a good environment for
                          sharing ideas, experience, and carving techniques
  Page 28....... "Lesia Denysenko-Yeremenko's Clay Sculptures" - by Anatoliy Shevchuk
  Page 32....... "The Everlasting Rime has Fallen Slowly" - by Dmytro Pozhodzhuk; a story of
                           Mariya Hotsuliak, a journalist from Transdniester, who is also a folk artist
  Page 34....... ""The Folk Painting - Tradition and Modern Life" - by Hryhoriy Mischenko
  Page 38....... "Anastasiya Rak's Portrait" - by Oleksandr Fedoruk; about a happy artist who was
                          painting poetical folk life on glass 
  Page 47......."Peculiarity of the Podillia Pysanky Ornaments" - by V.Illinsky; explanation of the
                          Podillia pysanky symbols 
  Page 49....... "Pysanky from the Luhansk Region" - by Natalia Kaplun; about the return of the
                           pysanka art to the area where it was virtually forgotten 


No. 3-4, 2005                                                                            TABLE OF CONTENTS
  Doll from Western Polissya
        by Yuriy Melnychuk

  Page 2........" The Golden Thread of Creativity" - by Yevhen Shevchenko; dedicated to the 10th
                          anniversary of the Folk Artists Union, Kyiv branch
  Page 5........ "Iconographic and Verbal Image Forms in Folk Art" - by Oleksandr Nayden
  Page 7........ "Westrn Podilsk Region folk Art Centers of the XIX-XXthe Century" - by Olena
                          Diakiv; analysis of the situation in Ukrainian pottery in early XXth century
  Page 10....... "How to Reach Eternity on the Earth" - by Dmytro Shynkarenko; about Vasyl
                          Zavhorodny, a professional singer who is also a sculptor and woodcarver
  Page 12....... "Cossack Victory Singer" - by Ihor Poshyvailo; another article about Vasyl
                          Zavhorodny who celebrated his 80th birthday this year
  Page 28......." Inspired Happiness of Flight" - by Valentyna Chaus; a self portrait of an extremely
                           poetic folk painter
  Page 30....... " Glorious Ivan Bilyk" - by Vasyl Nechepa; about the ever-young famous potter
                           from Chernihiv region
  Page 32....... "Mariya Buriak" - by Yevhen Shevchenko; about the folk artist from Kyiv region who
                          only had three years of school due to a serious desease 
  Page 36....... "In the Way of Creative Perception" - by Hryhoriy Mishchenko; about Inna
                           Vapniarska-Kudas, a professional graphic who is very good at Petrykivka painting
  Page 39....... "Valentyna Kharlova's Blue Birds" - by Serhiy Latansky; about the embroidery
                           master who learned about a hundred different techniques and taught others


No.1-2, 2005                                                                               TABLE OF CONTENTS
        Rushnyk (weaved towel)
  Page 2........"Road to Dreamland" - by Ihor Poshyvailo; about the unique folklore show, so called
                          vechornytsi, organized by Oleh Skrypka, lead singer of the VV band
  Page 3........ "Iconographic and Verbal Image Forms in Folk Art" - by Oleksandr Naiden
  Page 5........ "Vasyl Sidak from Transcarpathian Region" - by Hryhoriy Mishchenko
  Page 9........ "Colorful Word Melody" - by Tetiana Prychepiy; the author tells how she along with
                          her husband became zealous collectors and researchers of Podillia embroidery
  Page 12....... "Decorative Painting in Starokostiantynivsky Region" - by Oleksandr Pazhymsky
  Page 15......."Chyhyryn - 2004" - by Hryhoriy Mishchenko; the analysis of the artworks
                          presented at the exhibition of the 2nd all-Ukrainian Ceramic Art Youth Symposium
  Page 18....... "Naive Painting Artist" - by Volodymyr Yarmoliyev; about artworks of one of the
                          brightest representatives of Vinnytsia region naive painting, Ivan Habryshyn
  Page 21....... "Magician from Zhornyshi" - by Oles Dorichenko; dedicated to the 100th
                          anniversary of one of the greatest Ukrianian potters Oleksandr Hanzha
  Page 25....... "Hanna Vasylashchuk's Weaving" - by Liudmyla Zhohol; memoirs about "a weaving
                           poet", a famous master from the village of Sheshory, Ivano-Frankivsk region
  Page 28....... "Pictures of Ovens of the Left Bank Katerynoslavshchyna That Date Back to
                          1910s", - by Yulia Smoliy
  Page 32....... "Husarsky Ranbow of Tapestries" - by Natalia Diakova
  Page 34....... "Artistic Weaving in Podillia" - by Halyna Medvedchuk
  Page 38....... "Ukrainian Pottery Development in the XXth Century" - by Olena Klymenko


No. 3-4, 2004                                                                              TABLE OF CONTENTS
       Spring Is Coming! (fragment)
         By Ivan Prosianyk
         2003, oil on board
  Page 2........"From Our History" - an address of the Head of Folk Artist Union Volodymyr Priadka
                          at the III Congress of the Union held in November 2004
  Page 5....... "The Researcher of the folk Art Monuments" - by Lidia Borshchenko; about the
                          oustanding investigator of Ukrainian antique Stefan Taranushenko
  Page 10......."Ukrainian Folk Toy. Semantic of Plastic Forms" - by Oleksandr Nayden; the author
                          thinks that a toy contains greater volume of information than computr game
  Page 12......."Nina Sayenko" Tree of the World" - by Iryna Horodetska; about a folk art mast
                          whose scale of creative work is very wide; from tapestry to decoration
  Page 16......."Edition in a Fancy Style. InnovativeStructure of Monograph" - by Dmytro
                          Stepovyk; a review of Nina Sayenko's book abou her father Oleksandr, an artist
  Page 24....... "The Secrets of a Potter from Holovkivka" - by Volodymyr Onyshchenko
  Page 26....... "From the Family Roots" - by Ivan Prosianyk; a self-portrait of an artist written in a
                           rich folk language
  Page 31......."The Amazing Art of Mykhailo Zadorozhny" - about the naive painter from the
                          village of Dobra, Kyiv region
  Page 32......."Tayisiya Mazur's Embroidery World" - by Serhiy Latansky; about the embroidery
                           master who is also an ethnologist, teacher and singer inclined to glorify Ukraine
  Page 34......."Magic of Colors" - by Volodymyr Moroz; about the artworks of Olena Moroz and
                          her students
  Page 36......."The Obsessed" - by Viktor Furman; about the married couple of wood carvers
                          Mykola and Tetiana Zatserkliany from Kremenchuk


No. 1-2, 2004
        Veles' Wheel (fragment)
        by Yevhen Shevchenko

  Page 2........"A Folk Song in Modern Culture" - by Volodymy Priadka; the author's view of the
                         fate and meaning of Ukrainian folk songs
  Page 9........"Veles-2003" - by Yevhen Shevchenko; about the First Kyiv Exhibition of folk wood
  Page 10......."Sivershchyna Art" - by Volodymyr Moroz; tells about the folk art of woodcarving
                          and withe wicker-work from Chernihiv region that was exhibited in Kyiv, April 2003
  Page 14......."Kateryna Karashchuk's Ascent" - by Vira Zaichenko; an analysis of creative work
                          of the famous embroideress
  Page 15......."Inspiration of Chyhyryn" - by Yevhen Shevchenko; about the First All-Ukrainian
                          Symposium of Pottery Art in Chyhyryn opened in July, 2003
  Page 28......."Vytynanka - From Tradition to Modern Image Creation" - by Hryhoriy Mishchenko;
                          about one of the most memorable exhibitions of 2003 displaying vytynanky
  Page 30......."When a New Settler is a Master" - by Illa Zlobina; about the wall-painting in the
                           new premises of the Folk Artists' Union
  Page 33......."Voronchak's Cooperage" - by Oleksandr Fedoruk; about the cooperage artist who
                           teaches  this relict art to children in Vyzhnytsia
  Page 36......."Smiling Ceramics" - by Volodymyr Onyshchenko; about a ceramic artist from Lviv
  Page 38......."A World of the Veres Family" - by Tamara Honcharenko; about the family of
                           weavers from Zaporizhia region
  Page 41......."Authentics and Time" - by Oleh Slobodian; about the exhibition of Kosiv artists 

No. 3-4, 2003                                                                               TABLE OF CONTENTS
     A boy from Mykulychyn village,
       Ivano-Frankivsk region
       in national costume
  Page 2........ "The Foundation of the National Culture" by Andriy Pikush; about the problem of
                           saving and developing Petrykivka decorative painting
  Page 9........  "The Herasymenko's Garden" by Tetyana Shpak; tells about famous brothers-
                           potters from Vinnytsya area
  Page 12........ "It's Impossible to Stop Zaporizhia Seagulls" by Petro Nesterenko; about Stepan
                            Hanzha, a tapestry master from Kyiv
  Page 19........ "Descendent of a Famous Family" by Mykola Hrepynyak; about the Shkribliaks,
                            famous family of carvers
  Page 21........ "Hymn to the Ukrainian Land" by Dmytro Shynkarenko; tells about his mother
                           Olha Shynkarenko, master of Petrykivka painting
  Page 23........"The Heart Calls" - by Hryhoriy Mishchenko; about Yuri Shmyhol, a former
                            mathematician who started painting after he turned forty years old
  Page 27........ Vasyl Devdiuk, an outstanding master of wood and metal carving from Hutsul area
  Page 29........ "From People's Academy" by Iryna Yanina; presents Olha Huley, a teacher of art
                           weaving and embroidery
  Page 38........ "The Son's Present to the Motherland" by Volodymyr Priadka; about the exhibition of
                            Mykhailo Korhun, USA
  Page 48 ........ "Let's Recall Ukrainian Wonder!" by Violla Olofinska; a famous embroidery artist
  Page 58 ........ "Let Pussy-willow Always Turn Me Back Home" by Tamara Vakulenko; tells about
                             the achievements of young masters in the Center of Youth Creative Work


No. 1-2, 2003
                                                                             TABLE OF CONTENTS
       Potter (fragment)
       by Ivan Honchar

  Page 2........"Anton Shtepa is 100" - by Ihor Poshyvailo; shows a reader the deapth of
                         character of this honorable master of folk art
  Page 7........"The God's Gift from Paradise" - by Vadym Mytsyk; the author shares his knowledge
                         about the artistic way of making bread that has become a kind of art
  Page 10......."The Picture "The Flowerpot" is "the Sunflower of Maria Prymachenko's Life" - by
                          Oleksandr Naiden; the analysis of one of the works by the famous artist
  Page 12......."From the Childhood Planet" - by Liudmyla Nestulia; about the source of inspiration
                          for Oleksandr Babenko, a tapestry master from Poltava
  Page 16......."Vasyl Hryhoriyev" - by Andriy Pushkariov; the author tells about an amateur
                          painter who has been working on the Cossack series for the last 25 years
  Page 19......."And the Song is Ringing in Color" - by Tamara Honcharenko; about the collection
                         of Petrykivka rushnyks (Ukrainian decorative towels with colored embroidery)
  Page 20......."By the Spirit of National Creation" - by Oleh Slobodian; highlights the outstanding
                          peculiarity of the ceramics by Oksana Beysiuk, an artist from Kosiv
  Page 22......."Serhiy Hlushchuk" - by Hryhoriy Mishchenko; a detailed analysis of the works of
                          the folk artist from Uzhhorod
  Page 26......."Sumy Tapestry" - by Liudmyla Fedevych; you will find out from this article about
                           the tapestry tradition of the Central and Left bank Ukraine
  Page 31......."Patriarch of Art Weaving" - by Illa Zlobina; about the People's Artist of Ukraine
                          Serhiy Nechyporenko who celebrates his jubilee


No. 3-4, 2002                                                                              
        Horseman (fragment)
        by Oleksandr Hanzha
         1950s, clay

  Page 2........"Tavry-Tvertsi- Tyvertsi" - by Volodymyr Priadka; an overview of almost unknown
                          history of Podillia with its ancient tribe called Tyvertsi
  Page 4........"Spiritual Treasury of People" - by Volodymyr Tytarenko; tells about an extremely
                          rich ethnological and cultural heritage of Podillia as well as folk tapestry making
  Page 8........"Naive Painting of Vinnychyna" - by Fedir Panchuk; about the painters who makes
                         up the modern history of naive painting in this region which dates back to 1930s
  Page 12-17.."Oleksandr Hanzha" - by Oleksandr Danchenko, Stepan Hanzha, Volodymyr
                         Tytarenko, and Oles Donchenko; the four authors tell about Oleksandr Hanzha
  Page 18......."The Heart of Podillia Embroidery" - by Luiza Bilozerova
  Page 21......."Seven Wonders of the Village of Klembivka" - by Tetiana Tsvihun
  Page 23......."Prayers of Wooden Temples" - by Volodymyr Tytarenko; a research on eight
                          classical wooden style temples in Podillia
  Page 26......."Pottery of Our Native Region" - by Lidia Melnychuk; a research on pottery in the
                           light of many cultures from Buh and Dnister
  Page 31......."My Childhood" - by Frosynia Mishchenko; a self-portrait of the potter, an
                           Honorable Folk Art Master of Ukraine
  Page 32......." Pysanky of Eastern Podillia" - by Maryna Yurchenko; a famous pysanky artist from
                          Vinnytsia region tells about Easter eggs as subjects of worship
  Page 35......."We Really Need a Folk Art Museum" - by Volodymyr Tytarenko; an art expert tells
                          about the need for a special museum and depository


No. 1-2, 2002                                                                             TABLE OF CONTENTS

  The Land of Petrykivka (fragment)
    by Valentyna Deka
    canvas, gouache

  Page 2........"Pyrohovo, an Outdoor Museum of Ukraine" - by Leonid Prybieha; tells about one of
                         the largest in Europe museums of folk architecture and everyday life
  Page 8........"Majolica Tree" - by Vasyl Shcherbak; an article dedicated to Nadia and Valeriy
                          Protorievy, Honorable Artists of Ukraine from Vasylkiv, Kyiv Region
  Page 12......."Ukrainian Folk Art of the XXth Century" - by Oleksandr Naiden; an overview of
                          the main trends and achievement, as well as failures of the Ukrainian folk art
  Page 14......."Ceramic Art by Endre Hida" - by Valentyna Korniyenko; tells about a famous
                          ceramist of Hungarian descent from the Carpathian village of Velyka Dobrin'
  Page 16......."The Paths of My Life" - by Volodymyr Lupiychuk; a famous wood-carver from
                          Ternopil tells the readers about his art
  Page 18......."A Road to Cathedral" - by Illa Zlobina; an article dedicated to the 60th anniversary
                          of Volodymyr Priadka, the Chairman of the National Union of Folk Artists
  Page 23......."A Hutsul Wood-Carver" - by Valentyna Molyn; dedicated to the 180th anniversary
                          of Yuri Shcherbak, a well-known Ukrainian wood-carver
  Page 26......."Welcome to the Sokolenkos!" - by Oleksiy Sokolenko; a grandson of Vasyl
                          Sokolenko tells about his famous grandfather,the Chief Artist of Petrykivka
  Page 28......."Once More about Cossack Mamai" - by Oleksandr Naiden; an attempt to research
                          an image of Cossack the Warrior from a new perspective
  Page 30......."A Wood-Carvers' Meeting" - by Volodymyr Moroz; tells about an All-Ukrainian
                          symposium on wood -carving that took place in Ivano-Frankivsk region last fall


No. 3-4, 2001                                                                           
        by Natalia Symonenko
  Page 2........"The exhibition Dedicated to the 10th Anniversary of the Independence of
                          Ukraine"  - by Volodymyr Priadka; about All-Ukrainian exhibition 
  Page 6........"Maestro From Klembivka" - by Mykola Skyba; about the exhibition of folk artists
                          from Klembivka at the Ivan Honchar museum (Kyiv) 
  Page 10......."In a Family World" - by Tamara Vakulenko; the life of the family of talented folk
                          artists is shown through the self-portrait of Hanna Samarska and her daughter
  Page 14......."Folk Art and Avantgarde Artists" - by Tetiana Kara-Vasylieva; the subject of this
                          research is an active cooperation of leading avant-garde artists and folk masters
  Page 18......."Kara-Vasylieva as a Wonderful Researcher and Colleague" - by Mykhailo
                          Selivachov; tells the readers about this wonderful woman
  Page 20......."Glory to Heroes!" - by Yevhen Shevchenko; about the All-Ukrainian exhibition
                          dedicated to the 350th anniversary of the Berestetska battle
  Page 23......."From the Potter's Dictionary" - by Volodymyr Onyshchenko; this folk artist who 
                         participated in many pottery symposia shares his views with the readers
  Page 24......."Color of Carpathians" - by Valentyna Dzhuraniuk; the self-portrait of a potter who
                         is a hard working creative artist and who is in love with her Motherland
  Page 28......."Rushnyky (Embroidered Towels) by Maryna Chudna" - by Mykhailo Sirenko; tells
                         about the embroideress starting from her very childhood in Bobry village
  Page 30......."Dybyntsi Ceramics" - by Natalia Pasichnyk; tells an interesting story about the
                         village museum's collection


No. 1-2, 2001                                                                             TABLE OF CONTENTS
       Pysanky with Trypillya design
 by Oksana Bilous and Zoya Stashuk
  Page 2........"Maria Prymachenko" - by Oleksandr Naiden; the article explores the magic of one
                         of the most prominent naive folk artist of the XXth century Maria Prymachenko
  Page 6........"Poltava Collection of Tapestries" - by Oleksandr Babenko; a tapestry artist from
                         Poltava introduces the collection of tapestries from Poltava Art Museum
  Page 10......."Ivan Skolozdra: Poetry of Ukrainian Colors" - by Tetiana Marchenko-Poshyvailo;
                         one is impressed with the real and kind characters of the glass painter Skolozdra
  Page 14......."He Paints the Soul on Glass" - by Yuri Ivanchenko; the realted article is written by
                          a friend of Ivan Skolozdra
  Page 16......."Petrykivka Flourishing in Volodymyrska Hill" - by Julia Smoliy; the article follows the
                          development of Petrykivka painting art during the war period
  Page 22......."We Shall Preserve the Beauty of Linen Masterpieces" - by Tetiana Kara-Vasylieva;
                          a story by the western Ukraine embroidery master   
  Page 27......."The Pottery of the Eatern Podillia of the XXth Century" - by Liudmyla Ponomar;
                          the article written from the expedition materials
  Page 30......."Yakiv Padalka: I Can't Say Farewell to Clay" - by Ihor Poshyvailo; it was not
                          enough for the potter Yakiv Padalka to be just a simple craftsman....
  Page 33......."Mr. Hryn From Opishne" - by Volodymyr Mohylevsky; read the story of the
                          tapestry artist from the famous center of pottery Opishne
  Page 35......."In the World of Books: Flowers of Kateryna Bilokur" - by Illa Zlobina; 


No. 3-4, 2000                                                                             TABLE OF CONTENTS

        Herald of Morning Star
         by Zoya Pasichna
     1999, toned cardboard, gouache

  Page 2........"The Report of the Chairman of the National Union of Folk Artists of Ukraine V.
                         Priadka at the 2nd congress of the Union" on the occasion of the 10th anniversary
  Page 5........"The All-Ukrainian Art Exhibition: Folk Art-2000" - by V. Priadka; the story about the
                         "Folk Art-2000" exhibition which presented the works of the leading folk artists
  Page 8........An excerpt from "Kateryna Bilokur"; a comprehensive research by Dr. of Art
                        Oleksandr Naiden about discovering the inner symbolic meaning of her paintings
  Page 14......."Potter's Treasury" - by Nadiya Oliynyk; take a tour around the famous Opishne
                          museum of Ukrainian pottery and find out all the information about "Opishne-2000
  Page 17......."The World of Books"; learn about the newly published book of memoirs by the
                          recently deceased folk artist of the national school of pottery Yakiv Padalka
  Page 18......."Carpets of Zhytomyr Polissia" - by Natalia Kobylinska; enjoy the marvelous
                          carpets from the south of Zhytomyr region where the folk art still conveys its spirit
  Page 21......."Krolevets Rushnyk" - by Y. Kocheryzhenko; find out what is so special about the
                          embroidered Ukrainian folk towels (rushnyk) from the small village of Krolevets
  Page 22......."Folk Painting of Slobozhany Region" by Tamara Lysenko; a narration in memory of
                         the honorable folk painters Andriy Hunko and Heorhiy Chernyshenko
  Page 24......."The Godfather of Woodcarvers from Kharkiv Region" - by Tamara Lysenko; find
                          out about Petro Fomenko, the founder of the Ukrainian woodcarving school
  Page 26......."People did not See Many Works" - by Paraska Khoma; the prominent folk artist
                          Paraska Khoma affectionally recalls her childhood, youth and first steps in art


No. 1-2, 2000                                                                             TABLE OF CONTENTS
     by Vasyl Omelyanenko

  Page 2........"Hallowed by Clay..." - Ihor Poshyvailo writes about Opishne pottery and Yavdokha
                         and Havrylo Poshyvailo
  Page 5........"The Feat of One Life" - the story of Ivan Honchar and the Ivan Honchar museum
  Page 8........"My Talented Countrymen" - painter Oleksandr Melnyk tells the story of his fellow
                         artists from the villages of Mala Snytivka, Mala Ofirna, and Velyka Ofirna
  Page 10......."Carpets of the 18th-19th Century" - Olha Ivanova  together with the National
                          Historical museum of Ukraine presents historical carpets
  Page 13......."The World of Harmony and Warmth" - Tamara Mykhailychenko, an art critic from
                          Odesa, writes about Zoya Pasichna, a gifted painter who came from Polissia
  Page 14......."Liubov Kreminska Celebrates" - sketches of Illa Zlobina and Petro Nesterenko are
                          presented at the traditional exhibition in the Union's exhibition hall
  Page 15......."Halyna Kucher Creates. The Potter's Wheel Turns."
  Page 16......."The Ukrainian Double-Headed Lion. Patriarch of the Potter's Wheel. Worldwide
                          Fame of the Kytrysh Ceramics" - a sincere tryptich about the three potters
  Page 18......."Oleksandr Sayenko's Sunny Road" - this artist's humanistic orientation, innovative
                         character and national determination put him among the prominent arists
  Page 22......."Mallows of Bubnivka" - article about 10 days of All-Ukrainian symposium of folk art
                         artists held in Haisyn area of Vinnytsia region
  Page 23......."Our Talents Are All Over the World" - a story about Tetiana Pata, an artist from
                          Petrykivka who started with painting on stoves, sledges, panels and carpets


No. 3-4, 1999  
                                                                           TABLE OF CONTENTS
         Blue Birds
        by V. Tezyk
     1983, pencils on paper

  Page 2........"Live Water of Remembrance"; Nadiya Kapustina writes about the special
                         collections of the Dnipropetrovsk Historical Museum after Dmitro Yavornytsky
  Page 3........"Folk Art Custodians and Researcher" Svitlana Abrosymova writes about the work
                         of academician Dmytro Yavornytsky, a famous encyclopedist of the Cossacks
  Page 5........"Buket Kvitchasty (Multi-flowered bouquet); Liudmyla Bozhko writes about the
                          richness and the variety of folk attire and folk art in the Dnipropetrovsk Museum
  Page 7........"Ancient Rushnyks (Embroidered Towels) and Their Symbolism"; I. Fomenko writes
                         about the rushnyks from the Dnipropetrovsk museum
  Page 8........"Stone Babas (Old Women)"; the author writes about the one of the most
                         interesting and original collections of the Dnipropetrovsk museum
  Page 10......."Icons in the Collection" - by A. Farumets; about the icons in the collection of
                          Dnipropetrovsk museum
  Page 12......."Cossack Bandurist-Player" - Dnipropetrovsk Historical museum's collection of relics
                          of Zaporizhia cossacks counts almost 500 pieces
  Page 14......."Around the Potter's Wheel" - a story about the 2nd All-Ukrainian Potters'
                          Workshop held in the village of Bubnivka, Vinnytsia region
  Page 16......."From Our Readers"
  Page 18......."Ukrainian Carpet" - by Tamara Romanova; the work which allows one to date,
                          establish the place of creation, area of distribution, etc. of carpets
  Page 22......."Hanna Samarska" - by Julia Smoliy; about the Petrykivka paintings 


No. 1-2, 1999                                                                          
           Engaged Girl
           Nadia Bilokin'
  Page 2........"Pure Reflection of History" - Mykhailo Sikorsky, director of the Pereyaslav-
                         Khmelnytsky Historical and Cultural Museum, tells about the history of the museum
  Page 8........"A Talent's Statement in Ceramics" - the story of Mykhailo Denysenko, an
                         outstanding ceramic artist who has been working with pottery for 50 years
  Page 12......."Master of Bukovyna Carpets" - Adam Zhuk writes about Ivan Pastukh, a carpet
                          maker. He is a chief artist in the Khotyn workshop
  Page 18......."Live Clay" - an exhibition of locally produced art works at the Volyn Regional
                         Geographic Museum including pottery, totemic statuettes and Cossack pipes
  Page 22......."Nadia Bilokin'" - the article of Julia Smoliy, an art expert, is an artistic portrait of
                          the master Nadia Bilokin'
  Page 26......."Folk Art in Slobozhanshchyna" - Tamara Lysenko, director of the Museum of Folk
                         Art in Slobozhanshchyna, writes about the museum collection
  Page 34......."Letters from Our Readers"
  Page 36......."Paraska Khoma" - in this photographic story, the Honored Artist of Ukraine Dmytro
                          Pronych tells us about the Ukrainian artist Paraska Khoma
  Page 40......."And Love Came to Her" - the works of Oksana Beysiuk: the art of the Hutsuls
  Page 44......."Rushnyk (Towel) at Home" - the art expert Zenoviya Krakovetska from Lviv writes
                         about the differences between the rushnyks in Halychyna and Eastern Ukraine
  Page 47......."Historical Polianshchyna Crockery" - Ostap Khanok-Luhovy writes about the
                          construction of the pottery in Polianshchyna


No. 3-4, 1998                                                                        
The ssue is sold out
No. 1-2, 1998                                                                           TABLE OF CONTENTS
         by Vasyl Sidak
 1996, wood, round woodcarving

  Page 3........"Antiquity in Emroidered Rushnyk (Towel)" - Tetiana Kara-Vasilyeva writes about
                         the ancient image structure of Ukrainian rushnyks from different regions
  Page 6........"To Revive Our Orthodox Art" - Volodymyr Priadka thinks it is time to re-consider
                          the architectural and artistic heritage and to cultivate the traditional culture
  Page 10......."Tetiana Pata" - this article continues the series of articles by an art expert Julia
                          Smoliy on Petrykivka painting
  Page 14......."Naive Art of Anastasiya Rak" - Lina Maiba writes about the wonderful reverse
                          paintings on glass by Anastasia Rak
  Page 15......."The Culture of Purity" - Volodymyr Rak writes about his mother and her folk art
                          painting on glass
  Page 18......."The Art of Pure Light" - Fedir Panchuk tells us about Volodymyr Yakovyna, who is
                          a folk artist and a priest of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church
  Page 19......."The Paintings of Tetiana Diedova" - Fedir Panchuk writes about the unknown
                          painter Tetiana Diedova from the village of Klembivka
  Page 20......."Out of the Mountain Springs" - the wood carvings of Vasyl Sidak, a highlander by
                           Yaroslav Bairak
  Page 22......."The Lifegiving Well of the State Museum of Ukrainian Folk Decorative Art" - by
                          Nina Rozsoshynska, Director of the State Museum of Ukrainian Folk Decorative Art
  Page 26......."Coming Back Home" - Serhiy Tanadaichuk, an artist, poet and story-teller beleives
                          that a real artist should always come back home and should not create by models


No. 2, 1997                                                                           

September 28, 2009

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