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eeing Ukrainian kids go crazy for cartoon heros from the West, such as Mickey Mouse, Bugs
        Buny and Shrek, Ukrainian animators decided to come  up with a character of local  produce,
        recently releasing the first Ukrainian cartoon series ever. "Lys Mykyta" (Fox Mykyta) is based
        on the famous fairytale by the legendary Ukrainian writer Ivan Franko and is comprised of 26
        episodes, 15 minutes each.

        The series was created at the Kyiv animation studio Fresky. A team of 70 cartoon artists worked
        on the project for a year - all the characters and scenes were mainly hand-drawn, with minimal
        use of computer technologies.

        Screenplay writer and director Volodymyr Kmetyk.

All the animal characters were voiced by the father and son actors Anatoliy and Hryhoriy Palamarenko  and the original dialogues of Franko
were fully reproduced in the cartoon. The text was written in a specific hutsul dialect and a result you hear Mykyta fox and his friends say
some unusual words.
However, it's all easily understandable.

The music for the film was written by composer Mykola Skoryk but the soundtrack also includes
the songs by foreign and local musicians, such as ABBA, Patricia Kaas and Braty Gadyukiny.
In order to appeal to grown-ups as well as children the characters were made quite modern- looking.
Hopefully, families will be able to follow the adventures of Ukraine's own animated character.
And perhaps Ukrainian kids will love him as much as they love Shrek.

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