Dedicated to the victims of Holodomor-genocide 1932-1933

        "...The USSR demanded from the western countries, if they wanted to supply equipment to the
         socialist  industry, to give it the chance to return the pre-war agricultural markets. For example,
         in 1913 the tzar Russia covered 25 percent of the world grain market, and the USSR in 1930 -
         only 12 percent. 
        They meant, first of all, Canada, which increased its quarter of grain supply in the world market
         from 2.350 thousand tons in 1913 to 10.900 thousand tons in 1929. 
         Moreover, Litvinov (people's comissar of foreign affairs) offered to the western countries to sign
         a kind of economic non-agression pact. It would give the USSR the chance to strengthen itself in
         the world market and to dictate its own policy. As Europe did not respond, in 1931 Moscow
         threw on the world market large quantity of grain. If the US (having 11,7 million tons of grain
         for export) offered 2.186 thousand tons, the USSR (having ten times less) offered 2.473
         thousand tons.
         Nobody objected: Mr. Kremer, the Head of the German Committee on economic relations with
         the USSR, stated: "If we refuse to supply equipment to Russia, other countries will gladly do it
         instead of us..."


    430 pages, hard cover, format 13x20cm
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    The funds received from selling this book will be used for publishing  the album "Holodomor Through the Eyes of Ukrainian Artists"

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