From the collection of the National Folk Art Museum of Hutsulshchyna
by Olena Nykorak
Kyiv, 2010
(in Ukrainian)
This artistic monograph is the first of its kind to present the panorama of the most typical examples of Hutsul embroidery, specifically those included in the collection of the Ukrainian National Museum of Folk Art after J. Kobrynsky. The book features a selection of unique items which fascinate with the beauty of compositions and ornamental motifs. These motifs are ancient symbols that have survived till present day in the most varied of interpretations. The authors invite to consider Hutsul embroidery art from different aspects: historical, cultural, artistic, everyday life, and ritual.
200 pages, hard cover, format 25x30 cm
Language: Ukrainian
Weight: about 1,6 kg
Price: US $57.99 plus shipment

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