The Artistic Families of Ukraine
by Valentyna Ruban-Kravchenko
Kyiv, 2004
(in Ukrainian and English)
The book "Vasyl Krychevsky" is dedicated to one of the most famous Ukrainian artistic families of the XX century. The Krychevskys are known in many areas of artistic culture and their best works have become the national property. The book tells the story of life and creative work of the dynasty founder and the artist of universal talent Vasyl Krychevsky, one of the great innovative Masters of the 20th century.

The creator of new Ukrainian architecture and a pioneer artistic director in Ukrainian cinema, painter, graphic artist and one of the founders of Ukrainian set design, a master of applied and decorative art and one of the first innovative designers, a talented teacher, one of the most profound scholars of folk art - Vasyl Krychevsky is a key figure in Ukrainian 20th century art.

The book contains extensive documentary and illustrative material that allows a deeper understanding of the Master's art and the time when he lived and created.
Hard cover in paper jacket
Format 24x32 cm
700 pages
Price: US $82.00 plus shipment

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