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The creator of new Ukrainian architecture called the Ukrainian Modern, a pioneer graphic artist, an outstanding and original painter, one of the founders of Ukrainian set design, the first outstanding artistic director in Ukrainian cinema, one of the most profound scholars of Ukrainian folk art, a master of applied and decorative art, one of the first innovative designers of Ukraine, art critic and a talented art teacher - Vasyl Krychevsky is a key figure in Ukrainian 20th century art.

Krychevsky first gained public recognition in 1903 when he won the architectural competition to build the Poltava Zemstvo Building (now Poltava Regional Studies Museum). His design of the building was based on the traditions of Ukrainian folk architecture.

It was at the request of President Mykhailo Hrushevsky that Krychevsky designed the Coat of Arms of Ukraine, seals, as well as bank notes of Ukrainian People's Republc.

Krychevsky was a collector, researcher and promoter of Ukrainian folk art.

As a painter he created a total of about 300 paintings. A significant part of the master's artistic heritage, which ramains with the heirs' family in Venezuela and the US, was handed over to his home country in 2003 to museums in Kyiv, Kharkiv, Sumy, Poltava, Kaniv and Lebedyn - places where he spent his early years and reached maturity as an artist.

Here we are featuring some of the artworks by Vasyl Krychevsky.

The set of works The Season of the Year by Vasyl Krychevsky were painted using different techniques, in different locations, from nature and from memory, in Ukraine and Venezuela (where the artist lived from 1948 until 1952). Almost all of them are dominated by an overwhelming presence of nature and its powerful pantheistic origin brought out by a brilliant talent and a passionate artistic temperament.

Wood, oil, 9x13, National Art Museum, Kyiv, Ukraine

A winter landscape with blue and purple evening shadows on the sparkling snow and old-fashioned bourgeois houses imparts a sense of harmony, personal family happiness and inspiration for creative achievements
Cardboard, oil, 25x23, Kharkiv Art Museum

A landscape memory of the artist's years in Kyiv. A small house and a shed on the left are 'sagging' under the heavy weight of snow. Tree branches intertwine in an intricate graphic ornament, a technique often used by Krychevsky, crossing the milky white haze of the night sky.
Paper, pencil, collection of Vasyl Linde-Krychevsky, Boonville, USA

A panoramic , spacious view of the great Ukrainian river with boats at the berth. Houses on the river bank and Orthodox churches on the hills are barely visible in the light and airy mist created by the dampness of the river. The soft, light shades of the painting are like a tender melody conveying anВ  atmosphere where sounds fade away surrounded by silence.
Cardboard, oil, 31x52, Kharkiv Art Museum

A landscape portraying a village in the Poltava region. Aside from musical associations, the picturesque elegy evokes a meditative, pensive mood which defines the internal atmosphere of the painting as a dream,В  fantasy andВ  memory of homeland.
Wood, oil, collection of Vasyl Linde-Krychevsky, Boonville, USA

A monumental, majestic landscape with the rythm of sandy green hills and ravines filled with hot summer sunlight which the artists strips down almost to a snapshot of green hills, the horizon, clouds and the sky. Thought to be a visual tribute to Ukraine's vast expanse of the blessed land.
Cardboard, oil, collection of Vasyl Linde-Krychevsky, Boonville, USA

Two colors, green and blue, come together in this landscape to create a picturesque image of the unity between the sky and the earth, re-establishing the artist's unwavering commitment to paint the earth like the sky and the sky like the earth. The favored linear rhythms, a tree in the center with sculptured ornamental foliage, all imparts an air of grand, agitated and dramatic polyphony to the painting.
Cardboard, oil, 30x44, collection of Vasyl Linde-Krychevsky, Boonville, USA

A sense of harmony and balance evoked by this southern landscape filled with sunshine and light permeates everything: the slender silhouettes of dark green trees, the bright golden colors of large boulders heated by the sun and the mountain ranges expending toward the bright blue horizon. As if absorbing the slow rhythm of the foreground, it slowly sinks into the distance.
Paper, watercolor, 50x68, collection of Vasyl-Linde-Krychevsky, Boonville, USA

During his years roaming Europe in the wake of the war, the artist paints many Ukrainian landscapes, all conveying a sense of bitter nostalgia and yearning for homeland. This landscape represents an attempt to return to his years as a young artist and restor the image of a great river flowing freely and smoothly with a barely visible sandy bank behind which blue and pink horizon lines alternate at a steady pace, merging with the sky.

Cardboard, oil, 35x52, National Art Museum, Kyiv, Ukraine

During his first year in Venezuela the artist paints a lot of landscapes and still lifes, and exhibits acrtively. His favorite roses and colorful exotic fruits are painted vividly sumptuous, ripened and plump, evoking feelings of the completeness of being, accentuated by the colorful, picturesque and energetic painting technique called "pastoso".
Wood, oil, 21x38, Poltava Museum of Regional History

In the years just before the war Vasyl Krychevsky focuses on studying and painting scenes of Ukrainian rural living and participates in ethnographic expeditions. This painting of Ukrainian village homes which miraculously survived the tumult of war and years of roaming after the war, is the epitome of rural living after the "fiery" sunset.
Cardboard, oil, collection of Vasyl Linde-Krychevsky, Boonville, USA

A considerable portion of Krychevsky's paintings and graphic art work is comprised of urban landscapes depicting the streets of Kharkiv, Kyiv, towns in the Crimea and Caucasus. An energetic rhythm of a small street leads the viewer diagonally into the landscape, down the sidewalk and along closely packed small houses and trees lit by the shimmering rich colors of the setting sun.
Cardboard. oil, collection of Roman Kosharych, Calgary, Canada

A simple winter motif created from memory during the artist's first year in Venezuela literally breathes with cold winter air over a silent village house all covered with snow, with walls washed so white they look almost turquoise. This "white silence" etude seems to have a minimum of color, yet has an abundance and beauty of coloristic shades and undertones.
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January 25, 2011

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