Volume 2 Polissya & Carpathians
by Oksana Kosmina

The book introduces Ukrainian national clothing from Polissya and Carpathian area.
Traditional clothing of Boiky, Lemky, Hutsul still has its archaic characters.
Due to the unique photos of authentic clothing taken in 22 Ukrainian museums and private collections the readers can learn about the elements of Ukrainian clothes, headwear, footwear, jewelry, etc.
The book contains historical and ethnographical information, particularly artistic peculiarities and symbols of folk clothing.
There is a vocabulary of terms used in everyday life of the early XX century.
The author of the book is a famous ethnologist Oksana Kosmina.
In Ukrainian with English resume
Hard cover
Format 24x23 cm
160 pages
Price: US $48.00 plus postage

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