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In the mythology of ancient cultures, as we know, the world rested on three pillars, three stable bases. The three pillars of Yurij Honcharenko's art are sincerity, tradition and search.
Yurij Honcharenko's first personal exhibition is dedicated to his 40th anniversary. This age resembles the last meters of climbing the mountain's peak. This is the peak of one's dreams, hopes and creative search. At this age past experience is combined with great potential, energy and desire to create. A long period of life is left behind.

Yurij Honcharenko belongs to the artistic dynasty. His grandfather, a well-known painter Volodymyr Bondarenko , died when Yurij was 16. The bright childhood memories are connected with his small studio. Now Yurij regrets that with youthful carelessness he could not appreciate all the advice given to him by his grandfather. In memory of his grandfather Yurij keeps his still life in the studio.

Parents, Svitlana Bondarenko and Eugen Honcharenko brought up their children in the atmosphere of art. Life filled with colors, pencils and canvases seemed to be the only reality. And the choice of career was natural:  first Taras Shevchenko National School of Fine Arts, then Kyiv Academy of Fine Arts, department of monumental painting.

With gratitude he remembers Mykola Storozhenko who taught him not only professional skills but also artistic thinking, perceiving the world through the philosophy of form and color. The diploma work of Yurij Honcharenko (1990) is dedicated to the repressed Ukrainian writers.

In his artworks Yurij Honcharenko often refers to Ukrainian history. His monumental paintings "Look Through the Ages", "Pereyaslav Echo" sound painful, sometimes with anguish. As if caught up by mighty wind, nomadic Scythians are rushing on the canvas "Treasures of Ukraine". The artworks "To the Dead and the Living...", "Ukraine In Fire" are made in the baroque style of iconography.

Continuing the family traditions Yurij Honcharenko teaches at the Art School feeling the responsibility to be a teacher. Endowed with the ability to share professional skills he gives his knowledge to talented children.

History and modernity intertwine in Yurij Honcharenko's artworks and that is based on his own feelings and interests.

         Look Through the Ages, 1995
                 oil on canvas, 144x214cm
         Treasures of Ukraine, 2000
                oil on canvas, 180x240cm
    To the Dead and the Living... 2007
            oil on canvas, 150x200cm
        From series "Ukraine in Flames", 2001
                   oil on canvas,
        From series "Ukraine in Flames", 2001
                    oil on canvas, 130x160cm    
             Scithian Women, 1995
                mixed technique, 49x59cm 
         From series "Travel", 2003
             mixed technique, 70x100cm
         From series "Circus", 2001
            mixed technique, 50x75cm
                Straw Bull, 2001
                 mixed technique, 70x104

I have a small catalogue of Yurij Honcharenko's artworks. Please email if you are interested:

April 15, 2015

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