Photographs by Ihor Haidai

    This story began with a grocery store on the corner of Vladimirska and Prorizna streets.
    Almost every day I went there for bread. Then, returning to my photo studio and holdong a loaf of
    bread I was amazed at variety of wrinkles, cracks, bulges which were very different on each of them.

    They looked like the lines on fingers' skin, like human faces. Being a photographer who consider himself
    a portraitist I fell under the spell of thoughts about bread:

    daily thing... sacred power... millions of units per day... cosmic origin... mass production... individual
    characteristics... living culture...

    In this catalogue I present a series of prints.

    Each person can find among the photos the one which can become intimate and warm for him.
    And then one can meditate with it.

While I am proud of my authorship should also be emphasized that these photos live their own lives and have their own power. Sometimes, while seeing them, I myself do not feel the author because every time I find something new. Perhaps, at first I was given a sign to take pictures of this phenomenon, and then together with you wondered about it...
                                                                                                                     The author
16 great photos, format 23x32, soft cover
Price: US $10.99 plus postage

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