An Artist's Creed
         Still life with grapes, 1950s
         Happiness (unfinished), 1951
        In a free, new family, 1950s

    KATERYNA BILOKUR. Every generation discovers this artist and interprets her creative genuis
    in its own way. In 2010 we celebrated  the 110th anniversary of the birth of the artist  whose
    life's journey was a testament of her belief  in her talent and destiny to become an  artist
    against all odds, a goal towards which she  advanced with uncompromising  determination.
    Despite many obstacles placed in her way and the isolation and alienation from her family
    and the society, which the aspiring artist endured in her youth, she never lost sight of her
    goal, convincing that one day her sufferings and efforts would pay off.
In the letters to her
    students and friends Bilokur constantly stressed the need to endure all for the sake of
    the main goal.

    Kateryna Bilokur's life was filled with numerous trials and tribulations, too many for one life,
    it would seem.
A village girl growing up  in the early 1900s was expected to have a  happy
    marriage and little else beyond her own home. 
But Kateryna was not an ordinary  peasant
    girl; she had other dreams for which she had  to struggle every single day of her  life.

    Many times she came across the sad fact that her family and friends, even fellow villagers,
    viewed painting as something wild and inappropriate for a woman.

    Happily, Kateryna Bilokur attained success and recognition during her lifetime. Her first
    exhibition of eleven painitngs held in the town of Poltava in 1940 propelled her to instant
The artist from the village of Bohdanivka in the Poltava region was the subject of
    numerous press articles. She enjoyed the recognition and friendship of many famous artists
    with whom she corresponded for many years.
This meant more to her than public
    recognition. It was her dream to enter the world that lay beyond the narrow confines of her
The outside world had always attracted the artist who found inspiration in the lives of
    great artists, especially Ukraine's national poet Taras Shevchenko.
With these spiritual
    mentors she shared her woes during hard times or whenever she needed to make
    an important decision.
One day she went barefoot to Kaniv to visit the grave of the great
    Ukrainian poet.
Communing with his spirit, she derived spiritual sustenance and, as we know
    from her letters, she returned home on the wings of inspiration, with renewed determination
    to become an artist.

    In the letters to her students and followers Kateryna Bilokur often wrote that she made her
    way toward her goal at random, with no help from anyone.
But for them she was ready to be
    a beacon, to help them realize their artistic dreams.

    In transforming herself into a great artist she became a beacon for us.

 Portrait of Sophia Zhurba, 1940s         Small beetroot, end of 1950s
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April 2, 2011

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