A book of reminiscences about Ivan Honchar
Kyiv, 2007
(in Ukrainian, summary in English)


    This unique publication contains over one hundred reminiscences by Ivan Honchar's contemporaries,
    both notable and ordinary individuals. From various angels and positions they have created a verbal
    portrait of this extraordinary personality. In his modest home-studio-museum this unique individual
    formed an original model of a Ukrainian folk universe in which there was a welcoming place both for
    artifacts and visitors. He did this despite the adverse, threatening conditions of Russian 
    imperial domination and under constant scrutiny by the Soviet secret services.

    This book will be of interest to historians, scholars of culture, art, literature, museum studies,
    and researchers of Ukrainian folk culture

    570 pages, format 21x29cm, hard cover
    Price: US $
75.00 plus postage

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