Ukrainian folk artist
Kateryna Bilokur
Publisher "Mystetstvo"
Kyiv, 1975
summary in Ukrainian, English, Russian)

Kateryna Bilokur
Kyiv, 2001
(in Ukrainian & English)
Kateryna Bilokur
an artist's creed

Kyiv, 2010
(in Ukrainian & English)
    Kateryna Bilokur is a highly original Ukrainian folk artist. Her life was not easy.
    She was born in 1900. The first works of Bilokur (1920-1930s) were amateurish.
    They were the portraits of her relatives and villagers made with charcoal and
    home-made vegetable paints.
    The second half of the 1930s was an important period in her creative work.
    Bilokur's artworks were first displayed at the Poltava Regional Exhibition in 1940, and then
    at the national exhibition in Kyiv.
    In one of her letters Kateryna Bilokur wrote: "I paint only flowers. How can I not paint them if
    they are so beautiful!"
    The book shows 70 color reproductions of the most famous paintings.
    As the book is pretty old, the quality of the photographs is low.
    Also, the paper quality is low, it is of yellowish color.

    70 pages, format 20x25 cm, hard cover
    Price US $8.99 plus shipment


    Another book about Kateryna Bilokur, a glorious daughter of Ukrainian people.
    She did not have even a primary education, but her soul craved for beauty.
    "... Back in my young years I learned from books that there were such people in the world: artists..."
    And the word "artist" seemed to me magic. So I said to myself that sooner or later even if in my
    old age, I will become an artist!", - she wrote in a letter in April of 1950s
    126 pages,US $36.99 plus shipment




he latest book about Kateryna Bilokur.
    Each generation discovers this artist and interprets her creative genius in its own way.
    Kateryna Bilokur's life was filled with numerous trials and tribulations, too many for one life, it
    would seem. But happily, she attained success and recognition during her lifetime.
    In her letters to her students and followers Kateryna Bilokur often wrote that she made her
    way toward her goal with no help from anyone.
    In transforming herself into a great artist she became a beacon for us.
    200 pages, format 24x31 cm, hard cover with paper jacket
    Price: US $74.00 plus shipment

            You can buy all three books as a set at the price: US $110.00 plus shipment.



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