by Bohdan-Ihor Antonych
Odesa, 1967
(in Ukrainian)


    It is very little known about this Ukrainian poet who used to live in Lviv.

    His life was short but bright. Bohdan-Ihor Antonych was born in the land of Lemkiv on October 5,
    1909. He was the only son in the pretty wealthy family of a clergyman. Antonych did not attend
    regular school, he was educated at home. In 1928 Antonych entered the philosophical department of
    Lviv university.  After graduating the university he started his literature work. During his short life he
    wrote several books which were very well received by the readers.
    Unfortunately, Bohdan-Ihor Antonych  died at the age of 28. And after his death his name
    disappeared from Ukrainian  literature. Only now the books by Antonych came back to us.
    He now occupies his rightful place in Ukrainian poetry. Now
we can enjoy his poems.
    In them he is singing the glory to life and to human being...
    450 pages, average quality paper, hard cover in paper jacket (paper jacket is torn)
    format 15x18cm
US $8.99 plus postage

     In the 30s the Western Ukraine gave birth to the biggest, after Ivan Franko, poet Bohdan Ihor
    Antonych. All his short life the poet was in love with his native Lemkiw land.
    Nobody ever described the Lemkiw land in such a poetic way as Bohdan Ihor Antonych.
    His short lyrics sound as if they come from his soul. They are little known even to poetry admirers.
    This book is dedicated to the 30th anniversary of the poet death.
    370 pages, hard cover in paper jacket (paper jacket is a little torn)
    format 15x21cm
    Price: US $8.99 plus postage

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