works in five volumes
(three volumes available)
Baltimore, 1980
(in Ukrainian)

    The years of 20s were the period of national and cultural revival in Ukraine. This period left a deep imprint on
    intellectual life of Ukrainian society. Many talented writers appeared in literature. Among them the most
    interesting personality was Mykola Khvylovy, a writer and politician. Though it has been written a lot about
    Khvylovy as politician since his suicide in 1933, it is not well known about him as a writer.
    This edition was compiled, edited, annotated and published by V. Symonenko Smoloskyp Publishers,
    Smoloskyp Inc. and Ukrainian Writers' Association in Exhile.
    Volume II contains early stories
    Volume IV contains pamphlets
    Volume V contains archives and historical documents

   Each volume has different number of pages, hard cover with paper jacket, format 14x23cm
   Price for all three volumes: US $44.00 plus postage
   TO ORDER: please contact

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