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When a graduate of the Kyiv Art Academy Nina Marchenko presented her diploma painting "Returned Childhood", many of her fellow-
students could not understand why she had chosen this subject. Many explained it by the fact that Nina had a training course in Germany
and her visit to the concentration camp in Buchenwald made a shocking impression on her... The pain her soul experienced was so strong,
that she just could not help expressing it on canvas.
An exhausted girl in stripped clothes of the concentration camp prisoner. Next to her is the Soviet soldier gently holding in his hands a small
child. He has brought liberation to them. Thanks to him the bolts of the concentration camp were destroyed. He took the children outside, to

  the world full of light.
        Returned Childhood
  1965, 267x192, oil on canvas

The girl is coming back to life, yet one can read the tragic story in her eyes.
  These chidren were saved but there were millions of others who were deprived of love, happiness,
  and the very life.
            Nobody Is Forgotten
       1970, 189x188, oil on canvas

  Of course, Nina Marchenko made up her mind to create
  the painting  "Returned Childhood" after  visiting
  the gloomy barracks of Buchenwald. But she was ready
  for this subject, both as an artist and a person, long
  before she started
this painting....
  Nina Marchenko is from the generation whose chidhood
destroyed by World War II. Different episodes from
 that period have been imprinted in her memory for ever.
 She remembers how her mother was always  worried
 about her father, military cameraman. She remembers her
 mother's eyes, full of hope and fear, when the postman

 entered their house. She remembers everyday life during
 the war and the hospital where her mother worked. Later,
 she will transfer all this onto her paintings: "To the Future
 Generation", "Peace", "The War is Over", "Nobody Is
 Forgotten", etc..

  In 1998 -2000 Nina Marchenko created four monumental paintings dedicated to Holodomor in Ukraine 1932-1933.
  She painted three of them (triptych) at the same time. Later she painted the fourth painting  "Mother 33".
  The Holodomor paintings by Nina Marchenko were on display
at the exhibition "Holodomor Through the Eyes of Ukrainian Artists".

To see the paintings please check GENOCIDE Gallery:
         Signing up to Kolhosp
    1985, 180x240, oil on canvas

Nina Marchenko loves folk art. She dedicated a lot of her paintings to folk masters. Craftsmen from Opishne, lace-makers from Yelets,
embroiderers from Poltava - all of them amaze the artist. She wants to understand the clue of folk talent and to show the beauty of
folk masters' work.

         Russian Lace Makers
    1993, 100x110, oil on canvas   

                      A Visit
        1998, 100x122, oil on canvas
        1998, 80x80, oil on canvas

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November 8, 2010

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