Bronze Sculpture

    People often complain about the times they live in: life is full of stresses, no time to think
    of "life eternal", we are lonely in this life though there are a lot of people around us.

    Sometimes we do not understand the time we live in and our place in it. However,
    there is a reliable technique of understanding: just take a look at contemporary
    works of art.
    Iryna Ostromenska-Veshtak is an observer of what is going on around us, but she is
    capable of looking deep inside things and then transforms that into the language of

    "We are people of our own time. It is just that the artist is able to express
     the feelings
more vivid....
     We go through this life, smiling with a smile which looks like a mask; and we look at
  life with a  look which resembles a mask; and every time we open the face we
    show another mask to the world.
    We are incredibly proud with a small fish in our hand, while a huge lucky fish floats
    between our legs. We roll our virtues in front of us and do not notice that  this heavy
burden is already beyond our strength. We proudly show our talents, on the edge of limits, ballancing with an umbrella full of holes. Arrogantly we ride a children's horse and at the same time we are deeply touched with a blue bird landed next to us. We sit on an unreal  throan and
our scepter is a chicken head ringing with emptiness. We are funny, ridiculous, and impossibly charming
in our  mistakes.
We are ordinary people who live the unusual life of artists - jesters telling the truth......"

                                                                                                                      (from Iryna's thoughts about the life of an artist
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May 14, 2010

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