Special issue on Kyiv museums

    This special issue of Glavred magazine was published in 2010 in Kyiv.
    The information about 44 Kyiv museums is given in the issue with addresses and phone numbers.



The National Union Of Folk Art Masters of Ukraine

"Folk Art" magazine was launched in 1997 by the National Union of Folk Art Masters of Ukraine. The magazine is in color and contains a large variety of information and photographs about Ukrainian folk artists and folk art. The magazine covers the history of Ukrainian folk art over the past 200 years, and also features articles about private and publicly held folk art collections. The magazine is published in Ukrainian with short summary in English. One can find articles about pottery, tapestries, reverse painting on glass, folk paintings on Ukrainian themes, folk icons, textiles, wood carving, porcelain, ceramics, graphics, pysanka (Easter eggs), folk toys, embroidery, coppery, sculpture, and many other aspects of the rich traditions of Ukrainian folk art.

The National Union of Folk Artists is a private, non-profit organization representing over 800 folk art masters from all over Ukraine and in several countries around the world. The organization was founded in 1990 to serve Ukrainian folk artists and to promote Ukrainian folk art.

The National Union of Folk Artists has their headquater in Kyiv. The organization has a leadership network in every oblast, sponsors many exhibitions, training seminars, meeting of folk artists and other events.

Yevhen Shevchenko is Chairman of the National Union of Folk artists and editor of the magazine. 

As of  2011, twenty seven issues of the magazine have been published. Several of the early issues are sold out or in very short supply.


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There is a special price if one orders the complete available set of the magazine.
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The cover pages for the issues prior to 2007 are below:
The contents of the issues one can see in the ARTS GALLERY:


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The attractive image of Ukraine

"Welcome to Ukraine"  magazine is an oustanding, high quality, color publication founded in 1994 by Oleksandr and Iryna Horobets in Kyiv, Ukraine. The magazine is designed to tell the story of Ukraine around the world and is published in English.  The magazine is highly recommended by those who have had the opportunity to become aquainted with it. "Welcome to Ukraine" is the top magazine published in Ukraine that is especially designed for those who are not citizens of Ukraine.
Oleksandr and Iryna Horobets have worked tirelessly since 1994 to publish a world-class magazine which would represent Ukraine. They and the very talented staff at "Welcome to Ukraine" beleive in Ukraine and its future. Also, they are eager to tell about her past and present, her culture, economic and tourism potential.
Each issue of the magazine is 130-140 pages and is printed in color on top quality heavy paper. The magazine is eight and one-half inches by twelve inches in size. "Welcome to Ukraine" magazine is considered a top quality publication.
The interesting, well written stories found in "Welcome to Ukraine" relate to Ukraine's history, government, cultural events, artists, museums, economy, culture, tourism, folk art, music, literature, business and other related subjects. All of the articles feature many outstanding color photographs. "Welcome to Ukraine" is a magazine those interested in Ukraine do not want to miss. This is the type of magazine one will be eager to receive every time a new issue is published.
"Welcome to Ukraine" magazine is a very worthwhile, interesting, fun, and rewarding investment. This is not a magazine you will throw away.

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"Welcome to Ukraine" is the type of magazine you will want to save and put in your library for future reference.
Individual copies of ''Welcome to Ukraine" are available
for US $13,00 per issue plus $7,00 for packaging and shipping costs, total US $20,00.
One can also purchase a set of available issues. 

If you wish to purchase individual copies for any year prior to year 2009 please contact us as to their availability. The cover pages for the issues

prior to 2009 are below:

       2009      2008         2007      2006         2005
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alt alt  alt alt           No.4, 2006
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All-Ukrainian monthly publication


Six months ago because of  financial crises we stopped publishing the all-Ukrainian full-color  magazine "The Ukrainian" (Ukrayinets).
The last five years were not simple for us but we always felt our readers' support. We realised that our readers needed this magazine.
It happened before that the magazine had financial problems but there were always people who supported it.  And the magazine kept going.
The readers were delighted and the publishers were happy.
But today all our efforts to find finances inside Ukraine failed.
That's why we call on your help, dear Ukrainian community.
Each person who would help us to survive during this period of crises will get our sincere appreciation and also 1 year free subscription.
Besides, you will be abe to print all your materials in this magazine.

Sincerely and with best wishes,

"The Ukrainian" (Ukrayinets) magazine
Our address: city of Khmelnytsky

For details please contact

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bilingual publication

The Ukrainian magazine was published in Ukraine from 1996 to 2006. The magazine was a popular publication read by the leaders
of Ukrainian commerce and politics, both at home and abroad. During the years of its existence the magazine gained the reputation
of a serious and authoritative publication. It was published 6 times a year. The visual style of the cover-page was well-recognized.
Each issue was represented by one of the most famous people of Ukraine who also gave their exclusive interviews for the magazine. 
Unfortunately, the publication was terminated but we still have a few issues available.

             No. 6-7, 2006
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  No.4-5, 2006    No.1, 2006      No.6, 2005     No.5, 2005  
   No.6, 2004  
   No.3, 2004 
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    No.4, 2003     No.2, 2003       No.1, 2003     No.1, 2001  
  No.3, 2000        No. 4, 1999



All-Ukrainian culture and arts magazine


he only issue available of Pysanka magazine was published in 1997 in the town of Verhovyna, Ivano-Frankivsk region. 

 It was designed by the editorial board of the Pysanka magazine and Kosiv college of applied art. The magazine tells about

 the art and culture of the Carpathian region.
 The articles about outstanding artists of wood-carving, ceramics, pysanky, toys, etc...are included in the magazine.... 



A publication featuring contemporary Ukrainian artists

ContempoArtUkraine magazine was published in Ukraine from 2003 to 2005. It was designed to introduce contemporary artists from Ukraine and of Ukrainian origin to the English-speaking community. The aim of this publication is to show the richness of art produced by the Ukrainian people.

Unfortunately, the publication was terminated due to the death of its Managing Editor Walter Belanger. 

Still, we have 9 issues of the magazine available. Each issue features 10 different artists who work in various art forms - painting, sculpture, graphics, etc.

Ukraine has a long and rich history in art development, however, this fact is not generally known outside its borders because for almost four centuries Ukrainian art was absorbed into Russian art; Ukraine being part of the Russian and later Soviet empires.

It is rather amazing that in spite of centuries of assimilation, at times very violant, Urainian art has survived and actually flourished. Innumerable wars, consistent invasions and continuous division of the land between several empires from the East and the West did not succeed in destroying its spirit and national identity. Generaly unknown is the fact that a number of Ukrainian artists were actually the initiators and pioneers of various art forms.

Renowned art experts and art critics share their views with the readers in the magazine.

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       No.1, 2003        No.2, 2003        No.1, 2004        No.2, 2004        No.3, 2004
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  No.4, 2004        No.1, 2005        No.2, 2005        No.3, 2005  




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