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September 28, 2009

"Folk Art" (Narodne Mystetstvo) magazine was launched in 1997 by the National Union of Folk Art Masters of Ukraine. The magazine is in color and contains a large variety of information

and photographs about Ukrainian folk artists and folk art. The magazine covers the history of Ukrainian folk art over the past 200 years, and also features articles about private and publicly

held folk art collections. The magazine is published in Ukrainian with short summary in English. One can find articles about pottery, tapestries, reverse painting on glass, folk paintings on Ukrainian themes, folk icons, textiles, wood carving, porcelain, ceramics, graphics, pysanka (Easter eggs), folk toys, embroidery, coppery, sculpture, and many other aspects of the rich traditions of Ukrainian folk art.

The National Union of Folk Artists is a private, non-profit organization representing over 800 folk art masters from all over Ukraine and in several countries around the world. The organization

was founded in 1990 to serve Ukrainian folk artists and to promote Ukrainian folk art.

The National Union of Folk Artists has their headquater in Kyiv. The organization has a leadership network in every oblast, sponsors many exhibitions, training seminars, meeting of folk artists

and other events.

Yevhen Shevchenko is Chairman of the National Union of Folk artists and editor of the magazine.

The magazine is published twice a year and is available on a publication schedule.

As of March 2013, twenty seven issues of the magazine have been published.



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Sets of magazines or individual back copies are available. Several of the early issues are sold out or in short supply
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A publication featuring contemporary Ukrainian artists

September 3, 2009

ContempoArtUkraine magazine was published in Ukraine from 2003 to 2005. It was designed to introduce contemporary artists from Ukraine and of Ukrainian origin to the English-speaking community. The aim of this publication is to show the richness of art produced by the Ukrainian people.

Unfortunately, the publication was terminated due to the death of its Managing Editor Walter Belanger. 

Still, we have 9 issues of the magazine available. Each issue features 10 different artists who work in various art forms - painting, sculpture, graphics, etc.

Ukraine has a long and rich history in art development, however, this fact is not generally known outside its borders because for almost four centuries Ukrainian art was absorbed into Russian art; Ukraine being part of the Russian and later Soviet empires.

It is rather amazing that in spite of centuries of assimilation, at times very violant, Urainian art has survived and actually flourished. Innumerable wars, consistent invasions and continuous division of the land between several empires from the East and the West did not succeed in destroying its spirit and national identity. Generaly unknown is the fact that a number of Ukrainian artists were actually the initiators and pioneers of various art forms.

Renowned art experts and art critics share their views with the readers in the magazine.

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       No.1, 2003        No.2, 2003        No.1, 2004        No.2, 2004        No.3, 2004
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  No.4, 2004        No.1, 2005        No.2, 2005        No.3, 2005  





The Artist with Ironic View of the World

August 18, 2009

  Ravil Akmayev was born on August 1948 in Luhansk oblast, Ukraine. His first degree is in pedagogy, he graduated
  from the Slovianskiy Pedagogical University. At present he lives and works in Donetsk. Akmayev has been a member
  of the National Unit of Artists since 1990. Ravil is a laureate of 10 All-Union and Ukrainian prizes in the poster contests,
  a participant of numerous contests in Ukraine and abroad. He had personal exhibitions in Donetsk (1997),
  Dnipropetrovsk (2002). His works were on display in the "XX" gallery, Budapest (1999), in the "Interartgallery", New
  York (2002). One can find his artworks in the galleries in Poland, New York, San-Francisco, in private collections in
  different countries.
  "The artworks of Ravil Akmayev convey painted metaphors of life, deliver sombre tune of human existence", says
  Nadia Mukhina, a PhD in arts about the artworks of Ravil Akmayev.



The honorary artists of Ukraine Oleksiy Kulakov & Nataliya Papirna

August 8, 2009

by Olha Marchuk
Ukrainian Journal No.3, 2007

The honorary artists of Ukraine Oleksiy Kulakov and Nataliya Papirna are completing their work, which they consider extremely interesting
and exciting - painting the ceiling in the Supreme Court of Ukraine. The huge area of about 300 square meters is soon to be finished.
Only some details are left to complete.



October 30, Artist Mykhailo Boichuk's 120th Anniversary

November 5, 2002

By Mykola Skyba, special to The Day
Kyiv, Ukraine
For Mykhailo Boichuk and his followers the key subject matter is an apple tree, embodying the family tree and the tree of knowledge about
good and evil. Offering the subject to his pupils, the artist strove to verify their human and creative maturity. Apple orchard, Boichukism,
asserting the continuity of the Ukrainian cultural tradition, must be rooted in Hryhory Skovoroda's maxim: "Do not teach the apple tree to
grow fruit; nature has taught it the skill. Just fence it off from the swine, cut down the weeds, and get rid of caterpillars." The great thinker
had in mind first of all raising the individual, but the same obviously applies to the whole people and its culture.



Ukraine's mystery house of antique treasures

October 12, 2002

Original Story from Ukrainian Novyy Kanal Television BBC NEWS
A giant exhibition of art and antiques accumulated in mysterious circumstances by a private collector has recently gone on tour in Ukraine -
almost a decade after its owner died in obscurity.




September 9, 2001

By Bohdan Pevney, Artist
New York, New York
Fall of 2001

Dedicated to the memory of the 1933 Famine in Ukraine...


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