The Great Famine-Genocide in Soviet Ukraine (Holodomor)


By David Horowitz,
Washington, D.C., December 25, 2003


How many poor people have progressives starved since 1917? It's a good question and somebody should do the research and publish it.

Russia was the breadbasket of Europe until progressives seized power in that year and started instituting policies to "share the wealth." For the next 70 years until socialism collapsed, Russia was a net importer of food always on the brink of famine. In the 1930s, Stalin instigated a calculated famine in the Ukraine to rid himself of approximately 10 million political enemies.

His crime was protected by the progressives at the New York Times and on the Pulitzer Prize Committee (they control both institutions to this day). Because soft progressives cover for hard-line progressives like Stalin, Castro and other political monsters -- preferring to demonize George Bush and John Ashcroft instead -- these atrocities continue.

The left's inability to understand the most basic economic fact -- that people need an incentive to produce -- has caused the unnecessary deaths of tens of millions of people -- mostly poor -- in the last 75 years. But thanks to a politically corrupted media and educational system, their pig-headed pursuit of socialist fantasies goes on.

A few years ago when Robert Mugabe, the leftist dictator of Zimbabwe began his race war against white farmers to the cheers of progressives here (including such luminaries of the social justice cause as Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton), I had a correspondence with a black journalist friend of mine who writes for all the leftist news outlets that pretend to care about black people but really care only about their destructive leftwing agendas.

I suggested that he might get his friends to protest Mugabe's bloody racism and brain-dead Marxism before poor black people began starving in Zmibabwe as a result of these criminal policies aimed at the most productive segment of Zimbabwe's economy.

Naturally my friend defended the murders and thefts as "social justice" and turned a blind eye to the racism since it was only directed against whites, whose parents of course had been "imperialists." In this he was expressing the majority of world progressive opinion, for example that of the dictatorships and radical organizations that attended the Orwellian UN Conference Against Racism in Durban in September 2001, an orgy of racist attacks on whites and Jews.

America and Britain which led the world in ending slavery and even attempted (futilely) to end it in Africa were put in the dock at the UN and held up for "reparations," while the Muslim Sudan which maintains slavery today and the League Of Arab States whose ancestors enslaved more black Africans than all the Europeans and Americans put together were not; Israel the only democracy in the Middle East whose Arab citizens have more rights than Arabs in all the Arab states was attacked for racism, while the Arab states which forbid Jews to set foot on their territory were not.

Now the progressive chickens are coming home to roost in Zimbabwe. On Christmas Eve the Wall Street Journal ran a front page news story on conditions in Mugabe's Marxist police state. The title of the Journal story said it all: "Once a Breadbasket, Now Zimbabwe Can't Feed Itself." Corn production -- the staple diet -- has declined by two-thirds in the last three years and 6 million Zimbabweans are on the verge of starvation.

US Ambassador Tony Hall nearly got it right when he said, "Zimbabwe stands alone as an example of how a country can be ruined by one person." Actually, Zimbabwe is one of many such countries, and it was not ruined by one person but by one person supported by a global movement of arch reactionaries who call themselves progressives and who have killed 100 million people in the last century in the name of "social justice" and learned nothing in the process.