The Great Famine-Genocide in Soviet Ukraine (Holodomor)

Created by the Soviet Moscow Artificial Famine in Ukraine Years 1932-33

Materials collected among the members of DOBRUS Great Britain, live witnesses of famine

Democratic Association of Former Ukrainians Repressed by Soviets


By M. Verbytskiy
Published by DOBRUS in Great Britain
London, 1952

From the Head Administration of DOBRUS in Great Britain


Every member of DOBRUS, especially those who actively contributed the factual material or financial aid, and thus enabled publication of this book, will take this book into hands with the feeling of one's duty being fullfilled, despite all the setbacks, unavoidable in our conditions.


Hereby we are presenting the facts of the unmeasurable tragedy of our people and the ugly crimes of the red Moscow against our People, against Ukraine during the first years of the criminal rule of this regime, Communist in its form and Russian in its self.


We express our hearty gratitude to all our members and supporters for the assistance.

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Head Administration of DOBRUS



    1. From the Head Administration of DOBRUS in Great Britain

    2. Foreword

    3. Time of the Military Communism

    4. The New Economic Policy - NEP

    5. "National in its Form - Socialist in its Content"

    6. "The Widespread Socialist Advance All Over the Front Line"

    7. "The Year of Great Break." "The Liquidation of Kulaks as a Class, Based Upon Total Collectivisation"

    8. The Ruin

    9. Total Destruction of the Church, Church Buildings and Cemetaries

    10. ''Indusy" [Individual Farmers]

    11. The SVY [The Union of Ukraine's Liberation] Trial. The Destruction of Ukrainian National Forces

    12. Strike of the Elements

    13. On the Eve of the Catastrophe

    14. The Catastrophe

    15-48. Witnesses Accounts From the Regions of Ukraine, and Southern Russia

    49. The Industrial Giants, and the "parks of culture" built upon human bones

    50. Around Ukraine by Train

    51. The Molotov's Visit to Ukraine

    52. "...a Person Walks as the Master of His Boundless Motherland..." (from a Soviet Song)

    53. Kharkiv, the Capital of the UkrSSR

    54. "Torhsin"

    55. Hunting the Swollen in Kharkiv

    56. The Paralyzing Terror

    57. The Ernio's Visit

    58. The Height of Cynicism

    59. A Temporary Relief

    60. The Last Cleanup of the Party

    61. The Consequenses

    62. The Borders of Famine

    63. Something from the History

    64. Afterword

    65. Appendices (Excerpts from the Brief Course of the VKPB History)

    66. Contents

This material was researched, translated from the original Ukrainian into English, edited and posted by the  Information Service (ARTUIS). It can be used with only with full credit to the  Information Service (ARTUIS).