The Great Famine-Genocide in Soviet Ukraine (Holodomor)


by Roman Woronowycz, Kyiv Press Bureau
The Ukrainian Weekly
The Ukrainian National Association
Parsippany, New Jersey
Sunday, November 3, 2002


KYIV - Kyiv's City Council and the Office of the Mayor gave the go-ahead on October 30 for the erection of a diaspora-funded memorial in commemoration of the 70th anniversary of the 1932-1933 Great Famine.

Askold Lozynskyj, president of the Ukrainian World Congress of Ukrainians, the leading umbrella organization of the Ukrainian diaspora, told The Weekly that by the end of the week he was to receive three site options from which to choose.

"They agreed to help in any way they can," explained Mr. Lozynskyj. "They will propose three locations, and based on this we will submit drawings."

The monument will be constructed by a leading Ukrainian sculptor from the diaspora who has yet to be chosen, explained Mr. Lozynskyj, and is expected to cost between $150,000 and $250,000 (U.S.). The diaspora will absorb the cost of the monument, while Kyivan workers will be responsible for erecting it at the Kyiv site.

A plaque at the site will note that the monument is a gift from the Ukrainian diaspora on the 70th anniversary of the Famine-Genocide.

The tragic events of 1932-1933, when much of eastern and central Ukraine was starved by Stalin's orders, is increasingly recognized by the West as a crime against humanity after being hidden by the Soviet regime and ignored by the West for decades.

Currently there is only one monument in Kyiv to the victims of the Great Famine, a relatively small memorial located before St. Michael's Golden- Domed Sobor erected in 1993. Mr. Lozynskhyj said he expected the new monument to be ready for unveiling in August 2003 during the Seventh World Congress of Ukrainians, which will take place in Kyiv.

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"The Art of Finally Building a World-Class Monument To Honor the
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