The Great Famine-Genocide in Soviet Ukraine (Holodomor)

A New Book For The 70th Anniversary of Holodomor-Genocide. Works by the Members of the Association of Holodomors Researchers in Ukraine

E. Morgan Williams, Senior Advisor, U.S.-Ukraine Foundation (USUF)
Kyiv, Ukraine, Friday, December 5, 2003

KYIV.....The Association of Holodomors Researchers in Ukraine in conjunction with the Institute of History of the National Academy of Sciences have published an important new book, "Holodomors In Under-Soviet Ukraine" for the 70th anniversary of the 1932-1933 holodomor-genocide in Ukraine. The book is in Ukrainian and has 723 pages.

The book contains articles written by nineteen members of The Association of Holodomors Researchers in Ukraine. The design and layout of the book is by Oleksandra Veselova, Liudmyla Hrechyna, Liubov Dubych. The book was just published by the M. P. Kots Publishing House: Kyiv-Lviv-New York, 2003.

M.P. Kots, through his outstanding generosity, has been responsible for the publication of a large number of books about famines in Ukraine containing research and articles compiled by the Association of Holodomors Researchers in Ukraine during the past twelve years.

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Mr. Kots is to be congratulated and thanked for his long years of service and donations to the cause of publishing new research from Ukraine regarding the political and genocidal famines.

The nineteen articles and the forward by Levko Lukuanenko, Chairman of the Association of Holodomors Researchers in Ukraine, are as follows:

Levko Lukuanenko. Dear Reader!/page 3
Pavlo Naniyiv (late). Ukrainian Golgotha. A Documentary Story Of the Horrors/page 5
Mykhailo Ivanchenko. Tortured by Holodomor/page 115
Hryhoriy Bevz. Holodomors in Ukraine/page 164
Hryhoriy Ilchenko. And Yet, Holodomor!/page 197
Mykola Tverdohlib. The Village of Kamiani Potoky on the Black List/page 217
Yuriy Mytsyk. The Memoirs About the Artificial Famine of 1933/page 251
Fedir Kaliuzhny. From Famine to Famine, or For A Morsel of Salo (Memoirs)/page 312
Maria Sadovska. People Are Moaning There:Holodomor - 33 in the Village of Ivakhny of Monastyryshche District, Cherkasy Region/page 338
Maria Kabluchka. Black Confession of My Motherland. Famine of 1933. Ukraine. Poltava Region. [Village of ] Perehonivka: Memoirs/page 396
Ivan Kozelsky. The Black Bird of Bitter Memory: Pages of Holodomor in the [village of] Starosyniavshchyna, Khmelnytsky Region/page 459
Fedir Kondratiuk. Memoirs of the Repressed One/page 495
Ivan Smal. Unforgettable/page 533
Petro Nadutyk. The Ballad of Kodyma/page 540
Yakiv Koval. My Family in the Thirty Third/page 568
Dmytro Fedorenko. In Spite of All Deaths: Holodomor in My Life/page 579
Vasyl Rudy. Crucified Tyvriv Area (Holodomor of 1932-1933 in Tyvriv District of Vinnytsya Region)/page 627
Zynayida Romashchuk. She (A Poem)/page 674
Muza Makarenko. Holodomor in the Works of Sumy Area Writers/page 700
Ivan Hryshyn-Hryshchuk. Death Hour (A Story)/page 714

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Material above from "Holodomors In Under-Soviet Ukraine" translated from the original Ukrainian into English by the  Information Service (ARTUIS). FOR PERSONAL AND ACADEMIC USE ONLY