The Great Famine-Genocide in Soviet Ukraine (Holodomor)

A new program for everybody who studies or just is interested in the subject of Famine 1932-33

International Foundation "Ukraine 3000"
Kyiv, Ukraine, July, 2003


Dear Colleagues,

International Foundation "Ukraine-3000" (Victor Yushchenko's Fund) is a charity public organization, established in 2001. In 2003 the Foundation began implementation of the program " Lessons of History: Famine 1932-33."


The aim of this program is telling the truth about famine of 1932-33 to people of Ukraine, creating fundamental scientific and research basis and giving political and juridical evaluation of famine as an act of genocide against the Ukrainian nation.


During the last 10-12 years the subject of famine, after the long period of silence, gained pretty good publicity. New facts appear, which prove that this tragedy effected each Ukrainian family. More and more people realize this and try to do their best to commemorate victims of famine. Enthusiasts make up museum displays or at their own expense put monuments to victims of genocide.


But the information about these displays is rather occasional, and the majority of memorials plates ( there are several hundreds of them in Ukraine ) are not registered. This does not allow to have the whole picture of people's attention to the subject of famine 1932-33. More over, it gives reason to some persons to announce that this subject is not interesting to people.


To improve this situation the Foundation "Ukraine - 3000" within the program "Lessons of History: Famine 1932-33" suggests that the list of memorial plates honoring victims of famine and the list of museum and other displays on this subject should be made.


All information is planned to be put on the program's website and be updated regularly. In the future it is planned to publish a guide book and to mark famine memorial places.


This project will help to mobilize the efforts of all interested in it, to confirm high level of interest of Ukrainian people to famine of 1932-33, to analyze the situation in different regions, and based on the obtained data to carry out a wide campaign on spreading the information about memorial places among population.


We are planning the following order of implementation of the project: organizing informational campaign as for obtaining information: April - May 2003; analyzing the data obtained, contacting respondents: June - August 2003; putting the information on the website: July - October 2003; presentation of the results of the project October - November 2003-07- Publication of the guide book of famine memorial places November 2003 - November 2004.

For further information contact: Oleksiy Kopytho, Ukraine-3000 International Foundation, Borychiv Tik, 8-A, Kyiv, Ukraine, 228 05 81, 

The international foundation "Ukraine-3000" brochure was translated from Ukrainian into English by the  Information Service (ARTUIS)