The Great Famine-Genocide in Soviet Ukraine, 1932-1933 (Holodomor)
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"Ukrainians March In Protest Parade"  


"10,000 Here Mark Anniversary Of The 1933 Famine"
The New York Times, September 21, 1953

" A march up Fifth Avenue and a mass meeting at Manhattan Center yesterday marked the twentieth 'Memorial Manifestation' of that dark hour in the history of Ukraine when 6,000,000 inhabitants of the Russian 'granary" were starved to quell the resistance of an independent people to the Soviet regime.

"In the line of march were an estimated 10,000 Americans of Ukrainian descent. They gathered at Washington Square, as many of their compatriots had done on November 18, 1933, in a protest parade that moved up Fifth Avenue to Thirty- fourth Street and hence to the meeting place on Eighth Avenue. The police said there were 5,000 paraders.

"In the twenty years that lie between the 'great famine' of 1932-33 and now, speakers at the Manhattan Center meeting said, the world had been taught a practical lesson --that Moscow has embarked on a course of other 'genocide acts' including mass executions and deportations.

"Among the marchers were some in native costumes, wearing red or black high boots. Clergy in the procession included Bishop John, Metropolitan of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of America, and Archbishop Ihor of the New York diocese. A large brass crucifix draped in black was borne by one of the paraders and other signs of mourning were evident on flags placards.

"Masses were held in Orthodox churches for those who fell victims of the famine. The parade sponsoring committee, the Ukrainian Congress Committee of America, said that the Soviet had used the famine to reduce the Ukrainian population and to destroy the political, cultural and national rights of the Ukraine."

(The New York Times article included a large photograph of some of the marchers who were carrying a large banner which said, "Moscow Deported 3 Metropolitans, over 50 Bishops and Many Thousand of Ukrainian Priests to Siberia" The caption under the photograph said, "PROTEST SOVIET TYRANNY: Youngsters, carrying an anti-Russian banner, marching up Fifth Avenue yesterday in the memorial demonstration and protest over starvation of 6,000,000 Ukrainians in 1932 and 1933 by Russia. Some 10,000 participated.)



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