The Great Famine-Genocide in Soviet Ukraine, 1932-1933 (Holodomor)
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Organized by Moscow
Ukrainian Congress Committee of America, UCCA, April, 1983

"Fifty years ago Ukraine was ravaged and brought to the verge of physical extinction not by some natural cause; such as pestilence, drought, floods or an extremely poor harvest."

"In 1932 Ukraine was especially selected by the Kremlin leaders to be punished for its aversion and opposition to the enforced collectivization of agriculture and the Soviet Russian national oppression and Russian imperialism."

"Fifty years ago Communist Russia deliberately committed the horrendous crime of genocide in Ukraine which, for the sheer magnitude of its victims, has no equal in the history of mankind. "


Reprints of various newspaper articles in 1953 about Ukrainian/American demonstrations regarding the Great Famine held in New York, Detroit, and other places. Page Four Of Large Four Page Tabloid Printed by UCCA, April, 1983 "In 1932-1933 millions of Ukrainian people--their peasants, workers and intellectual classes--paid the supreme sacrifice by starvation in the man-made famine or by being exiled to slave labor camps where they died a slow death from hunger, inadequate medical and sanitation facilities and physical exhaustion."


"Thousands upon thousands were executed by the GPU."

"Dr. Ewald Ammende, secretary of the Inter-Confessional and International Aid Committee for the Starvation Districts, wrote in 1934:
"...'I must say with all determination, clearly and openly, that on the basis of present great differences and antagonisms with respect to the Ukrainian people, Russia aspires toward the extermination of a great part of the present generation in Ukraine...'

"Thus, the Soviet government, decided to destroy the very kernel of the Ukrainian people in directing its genocide attack on these particular strata of the Ukrainian people:

1. The Ukrainian 'peasantry', which was to be destroyed as a 'class enemy';

2. The Ukrainian 'intelligentsia' was earmarked for destruction under the appellation of 'Ukrainian bourgeois nationalists';

3. The 'Ukrainian Orthodox Autocephalic Church' was an obstacle in cementing the barbarous rule of Russian Communism in Ukraine, and had to be ruthlessly destroyed.


The proposition that the great, man-made famine of 1932-1933 in Ukraine was a 'political' rather than an economic-social disaster is sustained by the following facts:

1. The famine was confined to the southern part of the USSR--Ukraine, the Kuban, and the North Caucasus, but it was Ukraine above all which was ravished to a catastrophic extent.

Poster, "RUSSIA SHOULD BE PUT ON TRIAL FOR STARVATION OF OVER 7,000,000 UKRAINIANS IN THE 1933 FAMINE!" Page Two Of Large Four Page Tabloid Printed by UCCA, April, 1983

2. Statements by such Soviet figures as Joseph Stalin, Vyacheslav Molotov, Lazar Kaganovich, Maxim Litvinov, Pavel Postyshev, Stanislav Kossior, Mendel Khatayevich and others unequivocally and unanimously contended that the opposition to the collectivization was most pronounced in Ukraine, and therefore Ukraine has to be physically subdued as an obstacle to the march of Russian Communism!

3. A great number of scholars of all nationalities unanimously concur in their assessment that the famine in Ukraine was a 'deliberate and national genocide of the Ukrainian people!'

4. Mykola Shrypnyk, commissar of education in Ukraine, told a visiting American Communist that at least '8,000,000 people' died of starvation in Ukraine, which Volodymyr Balytsky, head of the GPU in Ukraine, told the same American visitor that the figure was 9,000,000.

Finally, Winston Churchill in his memoirs stated that Stalin told him that the 'collectivization in the USSR was attained at the cost of 10,000,000 human lives!"

(Taken from a large four page newspaper size tabloid printed by the Ukrainian Congress Committee of America (UCCA) , April 1983, Page 3)

"FAMINE-HOLOCAUST IN UKRAINE 1932-1933 organized by Moscow SEVEN MILLION DIED" (Statement on left side is the statement above) Page Three Of Large Four Page Tabloid Printed By UCCA, April, 1983 Reprint of Front Page of Chicago American Newspaper March 4, 1935; Headline Says, "HUNGER, DESPAIR, DEATH IN UKRAINE AGONY; Page One Of Large Four Page Tabloid Printed by UCCA, April, 1983



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