The Great Famine-Genocide in Soviet Ukraine (Holodomor)

WHITE HOUSE, I have a Step Sister and four small children who are
starving, Anna Witkopp, March 13, 1933

March 13, 1933


Dear Master of our Country President Roosevelt


I have a Step Sister in Russia alon with 4 smal Children and Starving if we cannot help her a little have heard that you gave Orders not to send money out of our Country is it Possible that I Could get your Permission to send an Order to her to the American Store out ther not far from her home town to get things to eat its not so Easie to know you have Sisters that Starving and you Cant Rais a hand to help so Im asking you to help if possible so I Can do what little I Can and God will Reward you for your Kindnes Im Sure I will pray for your Protection of your enemies. God alone Can Save you and no man on earth Can Stand Before Him.


Closing with Gods Blessing to you and the Mrs. I thank you


Truely yours

Anna Witkopp
1513 Taylor St.
South Bay City Michigan
Wont you Pleace answer this Im waiting Pastionly though.

Chapter 6: The American Response to the Famine


"Despite ample and timely knowledge about the man-made Famine of 1932-1933 in Ukraine, the US government did not publicly acknowledge what it knew or respond in any meaningful way. Similarly, a number of members of the American press actively denied in public what they confirmed in private about the famine........................

"Robert F. Kelly, chief of the State Department's Division of Eastern European Affairs from 1926 until its abolition in 1937, oversaw research and processed intelligence on the USSR. The single most important post for reliable, timely intelligence was the Russian affairs section at the US Legation in Riga, Latvia, which had monitored the Soviet Union since 1922......................................

"Given the recognition of the Soviet government was a lively issue in the Administration of 1933, it is difficult to believe that the President was not briefed on the nature and causes of the Famine. Yet, even it he was not, there was another source of information reaching the White House. Letters about the Famine had been received at the White House since the first days of the Roosevelt Administration. The first was dated March 13: (see letter above)

"This letter was the first of many referred by FDR's secretary to the State Department where it was sent to Kelley's Division. (4O) Kelley politely informed her that she could legally send small sums abroad for specified purposes and enclosed a list of banks prepared to transmit funds to the Soviet Union." (41)


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