The Great Famine-Genocide in Soviet Ukraine, 1932-1933 (Holodomor)
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In Honor Of Those Who Suffered and Died Ukraine 1932-1933

"...There was Anton Samchenko, who died with his wife and sister; three children were left. In Nikita Samchenko's family the father and Mykola and two other children died; five children were left. Then Grigory Samchenko died with his son Petro: a wife and daughter are left. Gerasim Samchenko died with his four children; only the wife is still alive. And Sidor Odnorog died with his wife and two daughters; one girl is left. Gura Odnorog died with his wife and three children; one girl is still alive...Six hundred thirty four out of the two thousand seventy four inhabitants of the village (Cherkassy) had died..."

"...In the village of Zhuke, not far from Poltava, I went into a peasant house at random and found a listless looking girl, fourteen years old. Her father was in the fields; her mother and four brothers had perished during the famine..."


"The Ukraine..A Submerged Nation", William Henry Chamberlin
The Macmillan Company, New York, 1944 ations.


"In the area of the Noryn's village council, Ovruts'kyi district, Zhytomyr province, there were five hundred households.Five hundred people from the area died in the famine of 1933. The average family had four members, so basically 25% of the population of our village council area died. I don't even remember the names of everyone who died from our village, although I would have recognized them by sight. Not to list the names I do remember would be a sin, and so, here they are:


Baliuk, Ivan; Baliuk, Oleska, Baliuk, Stepan and four children; Baliuk, Stakhii; Lavreniuk, Pavlo Fedorovych; Moroz, Iosyp Abramovych; Borovyk Mariia; Borovyk Myukola; Kravchuk Pylyp Stepanovych; Sherhiichuk Vira Havrylivna; Serhiichuk, Dmytro Arkhypovych; Serhiichuk, Iaryna and son; Kulish, Sydor and three children; Ievdokym the tailor and his daughter; Serhiichuk Feodosii; Serhiichuk Vasyl and his wife; Rabushei Pavlo and his wife; Chukha, Stepan and four children; Kravchuk, Danylo; Vashchuk, Stadei; Rabushei, Iosyp; Rabushei, Hanna and her children; Rabushei, Roman and son; Shanbir, Stepan and his brother and family; Vashchuk, Demyd and his wife Hanna; Vashchuk Nykodym and his family; Hudzylok, Dmytro and his family; Bereziuk, Mykola and his family; Harbar, Fedir and his family; Pyzhyk, Viktor; Meinarovych Sylvestor; Rybachenko, Arkhytei and his wife; Harbor, Tereshko; Harbar, Anton and his wife; Bortun, Mykola; Bortun, Iakiv Korniiovych; Bortun, Levko Iakovych; Bortun, Andrii Iakovych; Bortun, Nastia Iakivna; Koval Hordii and family; Hoichuk, Ivan; Hoichuk, Varka and her child; Hoichuk, Malashka; Brozhko, Petro and his family; Demianchuk, Hordii; Borovyki, Lavrin and his family; Borovyk, Kindrat and his family; Lavrenchuk, Mykhailo Mefodiiovych; Borovyk, Nastia; Shambir, wife of Opanas and daughter; Borovyk, Savka Petrovych; Borovyk, Hryhorii Nykonorovych; Lukianchuk, Domna Mykolaiivna; Leshchynskyi, Pavlo Hryhorovych; Hoichuk, Iakym; Hoichuk Denys and his family, Diachkiv and his entire family; Lavrenchuk, Kharyton and his family; Hudylko, Anatoli and his family; Hudylko, Vasyl' and his family; Korobets', Nestor and his family; Orysia (sister of above) and her husband; Lavrynchuk, Khrystofor and his family; Lavrynchyk, Domana and her family; Redchuk, Khotyna Trokhymivna; Redchuk, Hotyna Trokhymivna; Redchuk, Stepan Andriiovych; Palii, wife of Ivan; Mel'nyk, Olena (maiden name); Savchuk, Uliana Mykhailivna; Dukianchuk, Hanna Pavlivna; Tarhonii, Hanna; Lukianchuk, Torkhym, and some members of his family; Hudylo, Denys; Petruk, Stepan; Lavrenchuik, Kylyna (maiden name).

Although I did not mention everyone, and I have forgotten many surnames, but let the above at least be remembered, as those innocents on whom the Russian Communist executioners forced to look down the black barrels of death. They died and never thought that their martytrs' deaths would be spoken of to the world.

Such was God's will that we survive and reveal the terrible truth about communism to the Western world."


"My Memory of the Famine in 1933"
by M. P. Borovyk
Printed In "The Great Famine In Ukraine, 1932-1933"
The Ukrainian Orthodox Brotherhood of St. Volodymyr
Toronto, Canada, 1988, Pages 81-82


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