The Great Famine-Genocide in Soviet Ukraine (Holodomor)


Dr. Lubomyr Luciuk, Director of Research
Ukrainian Canadian Civil Liberties Association (UCCLA)
Toronto/Calgary/Vancouver, Canada, 21 November 2003

Responding to the announcement made today by the Pulitzer Prize Committee, which decided not to revoke the award won by Walter Duranty of The New York Times for what is now widely recognized as his mendacious reporting about events in the Soviet Union during the early 1930s, Dr Lubomyr Luciuk, of the Ukrainian Canadian Civil Liberties Association, said:

Dr Lubomyr Luciuk
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"Walter Duranty knowingly covered up the Great Famine of 1932-1933 in Soviet Ukraine. Many millions were murdered during this politically engineered famine, arguably one of the greatest acts of genocide in 20th century Europe. It is a documented fact that Duranty was Stalin's apologist, a shill for the Soviets before, during and after 1932-1933.


For the Pulitzer Prize Committee to render this tartuffish decision and announce it on the eve of the fourth Saturday in November, a day officially set aside in Ukraine for national mourning, is base. All who hold a Pulitzer Prize should think about whether what was once the most prestigious distinction in journalism still is. Duranty's Prize soils all Pulitzer Prizes.


We have done what we could to hallow the memory of the many millions whom Stalin and his minions starved. We have tried to expose the greatest of the famine deniers, whom a contemporary, the journalist Malcolm Muggeridge, described as 'the greatest liar of any journalist I have ever met.' Our objectives were achieved, internationally.


We also prayed the Pulitzer Prize Committee would do the decent thing and revoke Duranty's ill-got award on the 70th anniversary of the Terror-Famine. They were granted a unique chance to champion truth. Instead they have rallied around a liar and by so doing have further slighted the sufferings of millions of innocents. They will be remembered by history for what they have done today. As for Duranty, he will no doubt be pleased to be in their company."


The Ukrainian Canadian Civil Liberties Association initiated the international campaign to have Walter Duranty's Pulitzer Prize revoked or returned. UCCLA still expects that The New York Times will return Duranty's Pulitzer.

For More Information please go to the Ukrainian Canadian Civil Liberties Association,  or contact UCCLA's director of research, Dr Lubomyr Luciuk, at (613) 546-8364