The Great Famine-Genocide in Soviet Ukraine (Holodomor)

70th Anniversary of Stalin's Famine in Ukraine

By Askold Krushelnycky, RFE/RL Correspondent
Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty (RFE/RL)
Prague, Czech Republic, Thursday, May 8, 2003


The month of May this year marks the 70th anniversary of the height of a devastating famine deliberately engineered by Soviet leader Josef Stalin that claimed at least 5 million lives in Ukraine and around 2 million in the North Caucasus and elsewhere.

In this three-part series, RFE/RL correspondent Askold Krushelnycky reports on the motivation behind Josef Stalin's notorious plan, the memories of those who survived the famine, and why even today so little is known about the tragedy.


Famine -- Eliminating An 'Enemy' Class Through Collectivization (Part 1)
Famine -- Survivors Recall The Horrors Of 1933 (Part 2)
Famine -- Seventy Years Later, World Still Largely Unaware Of Tragedy (Part 3)


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