The Great Famine-Genocide in Soviet Ukraine (Holodomor)

British Documents on Ukraine and the Great Famine of 1932-1933

Edited by March Carynnyk,
Lubomyr Y. Luciuk and Bohdan S. Kordan
With a Foreword by Michael R. Marrus
Studies in East European Nationalisms, No. 2
A series edited by Richard A. Pierce
The Limestone Press, Kingston, Ontario, Canada
Vestal, New York 1988, 483 pages



................"The special contribution of the editors of this book, Marco Carynnyk, Lubomyr Luciuk, and Bohdan Kordan, is to have uncovered contemporary descriptions of the famine relayed to the West in British diplomatic pouches. Largely ignored or suppressed at the time, and forgotten since, these urgent messages now constitute one of the most important sources we have of this colossal human tragedy. Much of the information is these pages comes from the simple accounts of a variety of observers--British diplomats and consular officials, of course , but also of relief workers, trade officials, newspaper correspondents and the like. Much also is the "cri de coeur" of the starved and outcast, who managed to communicate their terrible experiences directly to outsiders who must have appeared to them as creatures from another planet.........."

Foreword by Michael R. Marrus



Documents---Eighty-five documents shown in the book


MARCO CARYNNYK is a writer, editor and translator who has published a number of articles about the famine of 1932-33.

LUMOMYR Y. LUCIUK is studying the political geography of the refugee experience as a post-doctoral fellow in the Department of Geography at the University of Toronto. He is co-author with Dr. Bohdan S. Kordan, of a forthcoming historical atlas dealing with the Ukrainian experience in Canada.

BOHDAN S. KORDAN lectures on politics at Grant MacEwan College in Edmonton. He has co-edited, with Dr. Luciuk, "A Delicate and Difficult Question: Documents in the History of Ukrainians in Canada, 1899-1962 (1986) and "Anglo-American Perspectives on the Ukrainian Questions, 1938-1951: A Documentary Collection (1987). All three editors are fellows of the Chair of Ukrainian Studies at the University of Toronto.

MICHAEL R. MARRUS, Professor of History at the University of Toronto, is the author of several books, among them "The Unwanted: European Refugees in the Twentieth Century (1985) and "The Holocaust in History (1987).