The Great Famine-Genocide in Soviet Ukraine (Holodomor)


Announcement from Valentyna Vasylivna Khudoliy, Director
Directorate, "Publishing House Marka Ukrainy" USEP "UKRPOSTHA"
Wednesday, October 29, 2003

Dear correspondents,

Directorate "Publishing House "Marka Ukrainy" of USEP "Ukrposhta" would like to give you some information concerning the draft of the decorative postage stamp 2003 "To commemorate victims of the Great Famine 1932-1933".

Holodomor. Ukraine. 1932-1933. 45 kopiykas


The issue of the decorative postage stamp, dedicated to the victims of the Great Famine 1932-33, was fulfilled according to the program of the stamps issue 2003 that "is formed on the basis of offers of the enterprises, establishments, organizations, associations, political and public figures, scientists" (p. 3.2 Regulations on postage stamps, blocks, stamped covers and cards #262 dd 16.12.1996).


To create the draft of the stamp the Directorate "Publishing House "Marka Ukrainy" of the USEP "Ukrposhta" turned to the Association of the Famine Investigation in Ukraine and to the Ukrainian National Information Agency "Ukrinform" to receive artworks. The photograph, used for the draft was given by the Ukrainian National Information Agency "Ukrinform".


Before the draft was approved at the meeting of the editorial council it was given for the approval to the Association of the Famine Investigation in Ukraine. The draft was approved at the meeting of the Association council dd 15.09.2003 (there is a copy of the extract of the meeting minutes).


On 30.09.2003 the representatives of the Publishing House "Marka Ukrainy" were meeting with the representatives of the Ukrainian Diaspora at the Foundation "Ukraine-USA" to discuss the question of the stamp draft and the above-mentioned photograph. The representatives of the Publishing House were unpleasantly surprised by the fact that the draft of the stamp, dedicated to the Great Famine 1933 victims, was placed at the Foundation "Ukraine-USA" web-site the day before the meeting on 28.09.2003 unknown to Ukrposhta - the owner of the draft.


At the special meeting of the editorial counsil in stamps, stamped covers and cards issue in Ukraine, that took place on 17.10.03 and 21.10.03 the Publishing house presented 4 new variants of stamps. One of the offered drafts was approved by the counsil.


At the moment the approved variant of the postage issue "Famine 1932-1933" is placed at the official web-site of the Directorate "Publishing House "Marka Ukrainy" of the USEP "Ukrposhta" (


As to the offer to pay attention to the "glorious history of Ukraine" let us remind you that Ukrposhta has been issuing series of stamps that promote and develop history of Ukraine, its culture and folk rites, namely: series "Prominent Figures of the Ukrainian and World Literature, Art Figures, Prominent Scientists", "Hetmans of Ukraine", "Host's History in Ukraine", "Artworks. Architectural Monuments", "Regions and Administrative Centers of Ukraine", "Reserves and Natural Parks of Ukraine", "Fold Holidays and Rites" , "Shipbuilding", "Ukrainian Fold Costumes", "Treasures of the Ukrainian Museums", "Space Exploration of Ukraine" etc. The stamp "The 60th Anniversary of the Famine in Ukraine" was issued in 1993".


We express our gratitude to everybody who helps the Publishing House and cares of the fate of the Ukrainian stamp and hope for successful and friendly cooperation in future.


Best regards,


V.V. Khudoliy

Valentyna Vasylivna Khudoliy, Director, Directorate, "Publishing House Marka Ukrainy, USEP "UKRPOSTHA," Khreschatyk 22, Kyiv, 01001, Ukraine, 380 44 229 59 30, 380 44 226 34 93, Fax: 380 44 229 21 82,

EDITORS NOTE: Holodomor, to kill by hunger, or torture with hunger. There are several factual errors in the announcement above which we will address in another communication.