The Great Famine-Genocide in Soviet Ukraine, 1932-1933 (Holodomor)
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The Association of Famines Researchers In Ukraine

The Association of Famines Researchers In Ukraine was formed about 10 years ago in Kyiv, Ukraine. For the past 10 years the Association and its members have been researching and writing about the various famines that occurred in Ukraine. Most of the focus has been on the three huge ones which occurred in the early 20's, the early 30's and after WWII. The Association in conjunction with Marian P. Kots, M. P. Kots Publishing, Lexington, NY, USA, have published a large selection of books in Ukrainian about the famines featuring eye witnesses accounts, government documents and various other important historical material.

The Association has also sponsored various events in honor of those who died in the famines. They encourage and support the building of appropriate famine monuments around Ukraine. The Association has affiliated organizations in most of the oblasts and have a wide network across Ukraine.

Levko Lukyanenko, a national political leader in Ukraine and the former Ukraine Ambassador to Canada is Chairman of the Association. Lyuba Stasiv serves as the Administrative Director.

As the 70th anniversary of the "Great Soviet Ukraine Famine/Genocide" approaches in 2002-2003 the Association is eager to expand its work. To do so they need to develop a much broader base of financial and in-kind support. Operating funds in the past have been in very, very short supply which has severely limited the work. is working with the Association to expand its base of support. will soon publish on this site a complete list of the books that have been published by the Association and information about the price and how to order the books that are still available., in cooperation with the Association is developing a large base of information, art, and photographs about famines in Ukraine which can be found in The Great Soviet Ukraine Famine/Genocide Gallery, a section of the Historical Gallery of . ArtUkraine and the Association are also developing a large traveling Exhibition of paintings, posters, photographs and other art works related to the famines.

If you would like to support and/or know more about the outstanding work of The Association of Famines Researchers In Ukraine please contact the Association directly (see information below). You can also contact ArtUkraine at or in Kyiv contact Lena Marina, 452 6573, mobile 494 0746, Your assistance is really needed and will be greatly appreciated. We hope to hear from you.

The Association of Famines Researchers In Ukraine
Levko Lukyanenko, Chairman
Lyuba Stasiv, Administrative Director
20B Ivana Kudri Street Kyiv, Ukraine
380 44 269 1263 or 380 44 228 0811


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