The Great Famine-Genocide in Soviet Ukraine, 1932-1933 (Holodomor)
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"A Year of Horror

Forty years ago, in 1932/1933, Russia perpetrated the most outrageous genocide in the history of mankind. Over seven million Ukrainians, hundreds of thousands of Don Cossacks, North Caucasians, Byelorussians, and other -Russians fell victim to artificial famine, systematically organized by Russian colonialists.

The Russian position in Ukraine had been undermined. Millions of Ukrainian peasants resisted forced collectivization. The collectivization of agriculture is not only an economic category, but also a military one. It is a tool of Russia's domination over the subjugated nations. Collectivization is a Russian way of life, which Russia imposes forcefully upon the oppressed peoples in order to rule over them. It is a means of stifling private initiative, a totalitarian form of imperio-colonialist domination.

Hundreds of thousands of privately owned farms are tantamount to hundreds of thousands of points of resistance to the Russian way of life. A collectivized village means total control over the farmer. It is a massive attempt at mastering him. It is
an attempt to prevent food assistance to the insurgents as well. The collective farms in the subjugated countries are the Russian control centers of this aspect of life too. A Ukrainian peasant is an individualist.He despises collective economy. He stands for a peasant's private ownership of land. Collectivization of agriculture, therefore, is a thoroughly political and ideological category, not only an economic one. 

A kolkhoz and private property means a collision of two worlds----Russia and Ukraine----in the national and political respect. It is a clash of an amorphous mass, a herd, a controlled by the tyrants and - the individuality which has its own dignity, its own human and national "I". Collectivization is a leveling of life in order to stifle everything creative in a human being. Collectivization is a method of national oppression with the help of massive efforts to impose a hostile ideology of life upon a subjugated nation.

The French, the English, the Dutch and the Belgians by no means imposed their way of life upon the countries acquired by them. The Russian do the contrary. They force their way of life upon the subjugated nations as a means of dominating them.

And thus, for instance, in literature or art socialist-realism is a form of Russian imperialism. It is an attempt at spiritual Russification, which hand in hand with linguistic Russification is to force the subjugated peoples to accept the "reality" of Russian slavery, the dictates of Russia, as the subject of their creativity. 

Militant atheism is a form of Russian imperialism in the religious sphere, for, by destroying Christianity and other traditional religions, it attempts to liquidate the millenary spiritual traditions of a nation and to reduce a human being to cattle. The Russian official Kremlin-style "Orthodoxy", as a Ceasaro-papist religion, as a "Church" which serves the Russian regime, is another form of Russian imperialism, which follows the line of the "Third Rome". Side by side with linguistic Russification there is an attempt at the Russification of the spirit... Sovietization is Russification. 

The Soviet people do not and cannot exist. There are only the Russian people and the subjugated people. Widespread 
nationalization and socialization are also a form of Russian colonialism in Ukraine and other subjugated countries. Scores of 
millions of private owners in the subjugated nations are a difficult category for total control. For this reason, all measures 
adopted by Russia in the subjugated countries must be viewed as nothing other than the forms of Russian imperialism and 

Forty years ago, Russia committed the greatest crime of genocide in order to drive Ukrainians into the kolkhozes. Ukraine - the richest agricultural country of Europe - lost over seven million inhabitants. Russia sent its troops to take away the harvest, 
the bread, from Ukraine by force.

Hundreds of thousands of Russian troops plundered Ukrainian villages, confiscating all grain and killing people. The Ukrainian 
peasant resisted joining the kolkhoz, resisted giving his land to the Russians. An uneven battle ensued. The Ukrainian village 
rose against collectivization. The peasants perished in battle with Russian troops, but did not go to the kolkhozes.
The struggle continued for many months. The Russian armies crushed the peasants' uprising against collectivization. They 
took bread from Ukraine to Russia.

The Ukrainian peasants perished by the millions in the villages and in the streets of cities. Dantean scenes were the order of 
the day. Ukraine did not succumb. When the mothers and children, and the elderly and the sick were dying in the streets of 
towns and villages, the insurrection was crushed by the Russians The Russian tyrants, Stalin and Molotov, temporarily 
crushed the resistance of the Ukrainian nation at the price of millions of Ukrainian victims.

Several million so-called kulaks, i.e. Ukrainian well-to-do farmers, were forcefully deported to Siberia either to concentration 
camps or to dig canals. At that time, the Ukrainian nation lost over ten million victims of Russian Bolshevik terror.

However, Russia failed to break the Ukrainian nation. It revived again. The Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists (OUN) and the Ukrainian Insurgent Army (UPA) organized the struggle of the nation anew and continue to do so at present. Ukraine continues to fight. The Ukrainian people will never forgive the Russian occupants for the ten million victims of 'Russia's hunger siege of Ukraine.

On this fortieth anniversary of the greatest crime of genocide known in the history of mankind, Ukraine warns the free world against the Russian tyrants who are preparing a similar genocide for it. 

It is a tragedy for the free world that is silent in the face of such outrageous crimes and continues to support Russian domination over hundreds of millions of people and scores of nations.

Caveant consules!

Forward from the Book:

"Genocide of the Ukrainian People"

The Artificial Famine in the Years 1932-1933

by Prof. Vasyl Plyushch

1973, Pages 5-6 

Published by:

Ukrainisches Institut fur Bildungspolitik Munchen e. V.

Munchen 80, Zeppelinstr. 67

by Prof. Vasyl Plyushch
Written in 1973


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