The Great Famine-Genocide in Soviet Ukraine (Holodomor)


ForUm Website
Kyiv, Ukraine
February 13, 2003


Speaking at the parliamentary hearings dedicated to Ukraine's famine of 1932-33 Wednesday, Deputy Prime Minister for Humanitarian Issues, Dmytro Tabachnyk, said that seven million Ukrainian people died from hunger under Stalin's regime in 1932 through 1933.

Before the hearings some of Our Ukraine members hung on the government box the slogan "Tabachnyk the Creator of Kuchma's Regime of Starvation."

Earlier the national democrats demanded that PM Viktor Yanukovych deliver a speech at the hearings instead of Tabachnyk because in the Soviet times the latter fervently denied the famine and starvation in Ukraine.

In the meantime, some left-wingers, in particular members of the CPU [Communist Party of Ukraine] and the PSPU [Progressive Socialist Party of Ukraine], picketed the parliament, holding the slogans "No to Kuchma-approved Starvation. Yes to Socialism!" and "The Cynical Lie - Famine 33-a Straw for Drowning Kuchma" etc.

At the same time, another group of protesters, members of UNA-UNSO [Ukrainian National Assembly - Ukrainian National Self-Defense] picketed the building of parliament with slogans criticizing Yulia Tymoshenko, such as "Yulia, You've Forgotten and Betrayed the Heroes of March 9!" [i.e. the UNA-UNSO members arrested on March 9, 2001 and imprisoned on charges of creating mass disorders in protest against President Kuchma's political regime].

ForUm, Kyiv, Ukraine,